As a generation who wants to get their own personal taste of a Hip Hop era that birthed many great artists like Dougie Fresh, LL Cool J & Monie Love, we set out to rock the dookey rope chains, bamboo earrings, high top fades and fly gear. But that only uncovers the top layer of what the era is truly about.

Jeff Chang the author of “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” takes the last three decades to format the history of Hip Hop specifically starting with the year 1968. This was a year of the civil rights movement, the gang wars and drugs like heroin being of usage amongst Americans. He shows how the inner city from which Hip Hop was birthed took a toll from the abandonment from the government and white Americans.

He also incorporates stories from pioneers like LADY PINK, Rock Steady Crew, Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc and activists like Richie Perez. In doing so Chang was able to create a montage of the Hip Hop culture from various standpoints.

If you want to get the true essence of Hip Hop then cop this book and become knowledgable about the Hip Hop generation that we embrace everyday.


  1. Brandina™ said...

    I've had this book for over a year now, and still haven't picked it up. I need to step it up. Thanks for the reminder, love.  


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