Kanye West, Storytelling

Everyone has witnessed the rollercoaster that we've come to know as Kanye West. Going from a kid raised in the "City of Win" supplying dope beats to anyone who's anyone, even after a near fatal car accident in 2002 to now, an undeniable force of success, not to mention emotion. Finally, the world will get to see Kanye open up about the gains and tragic losses that he's experienced within the past couple of years, when he performs on Vh1's series, Storytellers. Make sure to watch and expect the unexpected when Storytellers: Kanye West airs Saturday at 9 p.m. on Vh-1. But to hold you over, check out a sneak peak below, from tonight's show.

"You know I'm like supposed to talk about what some of these songs mean and some of the stuff is so personal to me and some of the things I've been through is so real. In the format I'm supossed to like, you know break down certain things and this one of the first times because I feel like I'm placed in front of the audience, and um, certain things are just hard for me to talk about and I'm sorry Vh1 for that, but it um, certain things ae too serious and I stand before you just a human being trying to, trying to improve under the microscope..."

-Kanye West, on VH1's Storytellers during "Flashing Lights" performance

For more sneak peeks from Kanye on Storytellers, check out Vh1.com

Gucci Mane-Stoopid

Why Gucci why?????

Christopher Cox

The new Series Debuts March 8 At 10:30pm ET/PT "Candy Girls" follows Danielle, who has built her company "Bella" into one of the premiere talent agencies for the music industry's casting needs.

via BCTV

Asher Roth talks about his love for Hip Hop and how Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life" song was the record that inspired him to get started. He even tried all of the four corners of Hip Hop which entails B-Boy'n, DJ'n and Graffitti yet being the emcee is what he was blessed to do. And of course before the music he is and will always be a fan first.

Jean Yves Lemoigne

"Aint Nuthin Changed" is Blaq Poet's single from his upcoming release The Blaqprint.

Dave Brubeck is an outstanding jazz icon and will be for a lifetime. "Take Five" is one of his pieces that I consider to be timeless because the melody is smooth and uplifting. And its definitely something you can mellow out to.

"Before I was a artist, before I had a fan before I was a singer before I had a band before I did beats or ever wrote a verse come on now I was a music fan first."

k-os - 4 3 2 1

MTVs "The Hills" will be back in full affect this spring! MTV gave The L.A. Times an exclusive trailer of the show. Here are a few details on what to expect this season:

Lauren's real-life beau, actor Kyle Howard (TBS' "My Boys"), will not be scripted in, ahem, featured, in the series. "But why?!" we cry. Earlier this month, the two had what sounds like a pretty dramatic blow-up on the dance floor at Hollywood hotspot Teddy's that ended with Lauren fleeing in tears. The pair was also photographed together at her masquerade-themed birthday party in Las Vegas. Why don't we get to see all that?

Oh, we could guess for several reasons, but according to "Hills" executive producer Liz Gateley, you won't see Howard because he's not essential to the season's narrative. "The new episodes really focus on tying up relationships of the past," she said. Hmmm, cryptic. We can only hope this does not mean the return of Stephen Colletti, who you can see starring as Taylor Swift's love interest in the music video for her single "White Horse," or worse, Jason Walher.

Gately's words sound omnious, don't they? Like we might even possibly be heading toward a series finale?

Stephanie will step in as Lauren's new Whitney at People's Revolution. Yes, Spencer's sister has gotten a job at Kelly Cutrone's People's Revolution. It makes sense. Who else is there to make the "Oh!" face for all of Lauren's drama during the day.

Lo will be a working girl, too. She'll get a job working for Davis Factor (grandson of Max Factor) at cosmetics powerhouse Smashbox Studios. All of that time on the sidelines is finally paying off for Lo!

Bromance, rekindled! Let's let out that sigh of relief all together. Brody and Spencer are back together.

Lauren and Lo's $11,000-a-month Hollywood Hills home is available for lease, so expect yet another moving day episode. But don't fret: The best friends forever are still roommates, says MTV.

And as for Speidi ... We know there's a brunette bartender now in the picture. Will we see an actual wedding? Followed by a messy divorce? We can only hope.

No definitive air date has been set for the premiere, but MTV says the show will return to its Mondays-at-10 timeslot.

"The City," the "Hills" spin-off starring Whitney Port, ends its first season March 16 at 10 p.m.


Francoise Nielly

"Fran├žoise Nielly's painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute force, a fascinating vital energy. Oil and knife combine tsculpt her images from a material that is , at the same time, biting and incisive, charnel and sensual."

Francoise Nielly Website

Keri Hilson Juggling

I'm feelin the cameos in this video from Samuel L. Jackson, Morris Chestnut, Tatyana Ali, Forest Whitaker and the list goes on.

Miles Davis


For all of us girls who crave the sweet taste of something fresh, something new, and something real....then you want Honey! Now I must confess, although Honey magazine is an oldie but goodie, the magazine has re-launched, and ladies, now you can rekindle your love for Honey, online. And not only is the magazine keeping you up to date with the latest in music, fashion, arts and culture, lifestyle, and love and relationship, but Honey wants YOU to be apart of the revolution! So for all the innovators, the creatives, and the bloggers who always have something to say, say it online at Honeymag.com , by joining the hivespot and creating your own profile and blog. And if you thought it couldn't get any sweeter, indulge in this. Honey has access to the Solange and Estelle tour and is offering free tickets to those who are SERIOUSLY interested in being an on-ground point person and covering backstage, on the following tour dates. (Check out past post for dates). Remember, ONLY if your'e SERIOUS! To find out more, hit up Honey Magazine's Assistant Editor, Courtney Willis at cwilis@honeymag.com. Now ladies, how could you resist? Join the hivespot.

Don't forget to check out Honeymag.com and tell your friends!

Quote of The Day

"There's a difference between me and somebody like Kanye. He plans for it. I never do. It just happens. While I'm left feeling lucky, he's left feelig like an architect."

-Pharrell, March '09 Issue of Nylon Guys

Carlos Serrao

Carlos Serrao is a dope photographer, check out his work located on his website.


Drake had a crazy celebration for his mixtape a few days ago up in Toronto. You can check out the rest of the photos at Lost In The Wilderness

From Spike Lee's 1990 film Mo' Betta Blues Cynda Williams beautifully sang "Harlem Blues" which reached the R&B charts landing at #9. All the musical segements in the movie were written and conducted well plus Spike Lee is an excellent director who did a wonderful job with this movie and thats why its one of my top Spike Lee Joints on my list.

Cam'Ron-Cookes and Applejuice

I won't front the title kinda bugged me out. I was thinking snack time during my pre skool days like how in the hell is Cam about to freak this song with a title like that? But from listening to it, it turned out to be cool nonethenless.

From old to new

There's this website that can convert your photos to give it that grundge old type of appeal. I converted one of my photos that you see above. Its pretty cool considering that you don't have to do like 10 steps on adobe photoshop just to get the same feeling. But if you already know how to do it than kudos to you. In the mean time check out the site and show me some pictures that you've converted! : )


Somewhere in a philly hood near you Sap Da Beat Man makes a beat for Beans while they kick it in the studio and I must say Beans got husky!

Watching this brings me back to my Smackdvds and the 2 Raw For The Streets days.

Diego Gravinese

Last night I was highly entertained by the "intense" conversation between Noreaga and Perez Hilton on twitter. Noreaga decides to take the "beef" outside of twitter and makes a video. Also you can check out a little bit of the conversation between Perez and Nore.

Noreaga:Perez Hilton is a douchebag...lol..

Perezhilton @noreaga At least you know who I am, bitch! xoxo

Noreaga @perezhilton who you calling a bitch!!!!???

[small talk inbetween]

Noreaga @perezhilton dirty mud butt!! u must know who I am cause u on my twitter but my twitter is for str8 people that don't wear wigs!!!!

Noreaga @perezhilton But u r homo n a way that's foul. if u don't know how I am,y would u call me a douchebag & a pitbull. google my police records!

Perezhilton @noreaga Me being a homo is foul? Is it because I'm open about it but you keep your gayness on the downlow??? xoxox

Silent Grips

"What begins as an unguarded train of thoughts slowly can become an addiction to the slumber of disconnection."-School of Seven Bells "Half Asleep"

Quote of The Day

April 29, 1899 – May 24, 1974

"Art is Dangerous. it is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don't want it."

-Duke Ellington, Jazz Composer/Pianist

Solange/Estelle: On Tour

Spring will sound a bit sweeter, when the Sol-Angel herself and the girl across the waters that loves "American Boys," team up for a mini tour. Solange and Estelle have already begun the tour, but will be performing into early March, so check out the tour dates to see if they're hitting a town near you.

Rams Head Live! - Baltimore, MD

Hofstra University - Hempstead, NY

House of Blues - Chicago, IL

Voodoo Lounge - Kansas City, MO

First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN

Estelle @ Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, BC

The Mezzanine - San Francisco, CA

Estelle with The Knux House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

House of Blues - Dallas, TX

House of Blues - Houston, TX

House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA

Centerstage Studios - Atlanta, GA

Woke up this morning singing this song in my head so I had to post it. : )

MF Doom-Lightworks

Hustler Watch: Drake from Eighty81

Eighty81 chops it up with Drake as he talks about who he is, how he got into music and that its good to keep an essential group of people around him that keep it 100.

Bruce Davidson is a well respected photographer who has captured the essence of New York's grittiest and pleasant moments. Heres a few photos of the subway segement of his work from the website.

Bruce Davidson

Here are a few photos from AnOther Magazine. These particular photos were taken by Solve Sundsbo and check out the website for more info.


T.I.-Coming Back(Snippet)Produced by Hi-Tek

"just know that my time ima take it for the right time i'm waiting/ jump bad if you want to/ get mad if you want to/show ya ass if you want to/ but ima blast
when i want to"

"To those who were offended by the image, we apologize," but obviously this apology by the NY Post isn't enough for the people who have been outraged by last wednesdays published cartoon. Spike Lee spoke on the matter at MSNBC headquarters and expressed that the apology is "lame" and "lethargic." I agree the apology is lame and the NY Post obviously did not think things through on how this cartoon may affect its readers. To compare President Obama to a shot gorilla is foul and unruly. Seeing stuff like this just makes me want to get my Angela Davis on and smack a _____.

Art by Nathan

Lady GaGa & Brandon Flowers perform with Pet Shop Boys at the 2009 Brit Awards held in London's Earls Court.

MGMT-Time To Pretend

Crazy insane or insane crazy?


Fully Flared Intro

Looking at this video it definitely reminds me of my brother, why? because my brother is an awesome skateboarder and although I can't really watch him at work because i'm always fearful that he'll mess himself up. He shows me dope pictures and videos of him doing what he does best. Since i'm on the topic of him i'll share a few photos of him.


AT-AT Boom Box

A AT-AT Boom Box is the most creative thing ive seen in awhile, although i'm not a hardcore Star Wars fan its still dope.

AT-AT Boom Box

I spoke about Tawiah in a post this past novemeber about how musically talented I felt she is and I still hold true to that. Tawiah had performed one of my favorite songs "Every Step" this past month at the Big Chill Bar in London so check it out.

Tawiah MySpace

The disabled Congolese band offers a plea for polio awareness in this blunt and oddly uplifting clip.



I really LIKE CHOCO CAT of HEllo Kitty & friends
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NO MESsin With this Pisces


P.S.. YALl BETTA COME SUPPORT THE KIDS ON FRIDAY FEB 27... its GOing down BIG and its For the Children who need us to lift their spirits with our GOD Giveing Blessings.. BE THANKFUL and GIVE BACK..


Blair Blanco 2009 | Cash and Caviar