97' ish.

Michelle Obama is being made into a wax model and will be on display at Madame Tussauds. Artists have been working on her for six months now. She will debut in the Washington, D.C. museum in March.

"As our nation's first African American first lady, a proud working mom and a budding style icon, Mrs. Obama is a role model to women around the corner and around the globe,"
said Janine DiGioacchino, general manager of Madame Tussauds New York and Washington D.C. "We know our visitors will love seeing and interacting with her figure."

via abc news

I'm sorry but I REFUSE to watch 1 girl 1 cup, 1 guy 1 cup, 2 girls and a bowl i really dont care. In the mean time check out Mickey's reaction to the video.

VENEZUELA. Caracas. 2007. New squatter settlements on a hillside in north Caracas. © Jonas Bendiksen /Magnum Photos

The year 2008 has witnessed a major shift in the way people across the world live: for the first time in human history more people live in cities than in rural areas. This triumph of the urban, however, does not entirely represent progress, as the number of people living in urban slums—often in abject conditions—will soon exceed one billion. From 2005 to 2007 Jonas Bendiksen documented life in the slums of four different cities: Nairobi, Kenya; Mumbai, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Caracas, Venezuela. His lyrical images capture the diversity of personal histories and outlooks found in these dense neighborhoods that, despite commonly held assumptions, are not simply places of poverty and misery. Yet, slum residents continuously face enormous challenges, such as the lack of health care, sanitation, and electricity.

Current Exhibition: The Places We Live
6 June 2008 - 15 Feb 2009, Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway

On Wednesday,we gave you a teaser of Jazmine Sullivan's, "Lions, Tigers,and Bears." Now watch the video in it's entirety. Enjoy*

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers & Bears

Spotted at Myspace

Cash&Caviar is bringing to you Sample Thursdays where we get into brief discussions with artists and producers about the art of sampling and their views.

The art of sampling is used among a wide array of producers and aspiring artists a like. Its more than just finding an old record and adding a few kicks and a snare. Every individual has their own unique process in sampling and making that special record that’ll last a lifetime. Diplo who is a well respected DJ, producer and songwriter talks briefly about sampling and his role in M.I.A’s “Paper Planes”

How long have you been producing?

About 5 years

In regards to sampling how longs does it take you to find that right piece from a song to use? For some producers they may skim through the music or even take the time out to listen to the whole song before they know exactly what they want to use.

I’m always collecting records and keeping ideas stored in my head or my itunes.

It is said that in the creation of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" You, Switch, and M.I.A came together to make this song, how did that come about?

Ha. it was just me.. a loop I had for ages, and then I connected a sort of half ass snap beat on it and looped it in. Me and Mayas APT for a couple of hours and she started to sing some melodies on it.. used an old hook and I redid the hook with sound effect.. and then we recorded the proper vocals in London . where we heard some kids in the street and got them to jump on the record and then we wrapped it up.

In the art of sampling who is an artist do you feel people should just NOT sample even if they tried.

None. Its all in the way you can flip it ..sampling has become an art in certain ways... like the way Jay Dilla does it .. but I think that you take something too obvious and not work too hard on it its a lil bit lazy.

What projects are you currently working on?

M.I.A. Shakira. lil Jon. Santogold and my solo record as well as an all dancehall album with Switch.

Any advice for the sampling rookies out there?

Go to old record stores or flea markets. .vinyl and CDRs that looks curious should be investigated .. and learn about old music! everything from blues to heavy metal has some redeeming values and can sound fresh if u add a snap beat to it.

Sample:M.I.A-Paper Planes

Original: The Clash-Straight to Hell

Diplo's MySpace

VIBE's new cover

Check out the new cover for VIBE's March '09 issue...I have to hand it to my old intern stomping ground, keep creating and innovating.

Look out for the issue due out Feb. 17.

Spotted at VIBE

I love her! Jazmine Sullivan is an incredible vocalist and songwriter. Plus, she's reppin' my hometown, Philly in case you've been underneath a rock. And when I hear this song, my heart swoons everytime. It was only right that we'd hit you with a clip of the video for "Lions, Tigers, and Bears," off of her debut album Fearless.

Jazmine Sullivan - Lions, Tigers & Bears [Snippet]

Spotted at Myspace.

Barack is giving us hope. Now this guy is providing us with hilarity. Check out this interesting take on Beyonce's "Single Ladies."

Jackson Pollack 1912-1956

I, myself didn't know much about Jackson Pollck and I still don't, but I have seen his paintings before and they evoke beauty, energy, and freedom. Embrace these color lines.

Go to this Jackson Pollack site to create your own personal Pollack creation!

Raphael Saadiq is injecting soul back into the game and this track is my fix. Check out the video for "100 Yard Dash" off of Raphael Saadiq's new album, The Way I See It.

Obama Chia pet

This is where I draw the line...

Circle Research-Who?

Circle Research just officially dropped their LP today. And if you aren't aware of these cats they are a production/DJ duo coming out of Toronto, Canada. They continue to explore the Hip Hop playing field and incorporate different genres of music into their beats, from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Circle Research's MySpace

LADY por infame

via flickr

Remember this?

I've been having my TV on Cartoon Network for the past few days simply because there is nothing else entertaining to me at the moment. And plus I have always been a big fan of cartoons. While I was watching Adult Swim David Banner's cartoon that he aired like two years ago ran across my mind yet again. I think I have only seen it on Adult Swim once and that was when it premiered. I'm just wondering what happened to the series, it couldn't of been that bad. Heres the first episode of Banner's "That Crook'd Sipp" for the ones who haven't seen it.

Mavado-So Special


DOWNLOAD:Kid Cudi - The Anthem Mixtape (The Best of Kid Cudi)

1. Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon (The Anthem) (3:27)
2. Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite (3:42)
3. Kid Cudi - The Prayer (3:39)
4. Crookers - Embrace The Martian (feat. KiD CuDi) (3:35)
5. Kid Cudi - Down & Out (4:08)
6. Kid Cudi - Cleveland Is The Reason (3:45)
7. Kid Cudi - Super Boo (3:11)
8. Kid Cudi - Heaven At Nite (3:16)
9. Kid Cudi - 50 Ways To Make A Record (2:55)
10. Kid Cudi - Dat New "New" (4:14)
11. Kid Cudi - Maui Wowie (2:23)
12. 88 Keys - Wasting My Minutes (feat. Kid Cudi) (3:06)
13. Kid Cudi - Embrace The Martian (Round Table Knights Remix) (5:34)
14. Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) (7:18)
15. Kid Cudi - Sky High (1:39)
16. Kid Cudi - Dose of Dopeness (Live) (1:35)
17. The Alchemist - Therapy (feat. Kid Cudi, Evidence & Blu) (4:24)
18. Jackie Chain - Rollin Remix (feat. Kid Cudi) (3:08)
19. Kid Cudi - Paranoid G.O.O.D Music Remix (3:08)
20. Kanye West - Welcome To Heartbreak (feat. Kid Cudi) (4:23)
21. Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite Club Mix (Bonus) (4:43)


Sasha and Malia dolls

"Marvelous Malia" and "Sweet Sasha"

With the welcoming of a new president, comes the beautiful reality of a new day. But unfortunately, it also opens the door for a tremendous amount of unauthorized capitalization. Now, I know hustlers, bootleggers, and vendors alike have benefitted from Obama's election, but what about Barack and Michelle's adorable first daughters Malia and Sasha? Apparently they're no longer off limits when it comes to mega merchandising, either. The two regal young ladies have inspired dolls, but according to the Chicago Tribune, Michelle Obama isn't feeling the toys curtesy of Ty Inc. The paper reported that Michelle's press secretary, said they consider it inappropriate to use the girls, who are "young, private citizens," for marketing. I for one agree with the first lady, but being a "first" is a gift and a curse, and hopefully Sasha and Malia won't be subjected to any more shameless commercialization, especially in the likeness of those creepy bratz dollz.

Poor kitty... someone must have some serious issues with Hello Kitty to make a cake like this.

Hello Kitty Hell gives their take on the cake: If you are forced to give someone something that is Hello Kitty for their birthday, Hello Kitty with a knife sticking out of her chest and blood splattered all around is a good starting point in my humble opinion.

via Hello Kitty Hell

Lego Chucks

via Flickr

Since i'm already focusing on these fly lego chucks theres something else that may catch your creative eye. Anyone who plans to be in the NY area March 21-April 18,2009 there is a Cardboard Shoe Show by Mike Leavitt.

Location:Fuse Gallery, 93 2nd Ave (btw 5th and 6th Sts, F to 2nd Ave)

Prickly Pear is a producer byway of Germany. His creations are a soul type funkadelic Hip Hop Monsoon, that'll make ya bob ya head to the melody. Its quite nice if I do say so myself. For your listening pleasure Prickly Pear is giving the world African Funk Vol. 1. Take a listen and be sure to share with others.

DOWNLOAD:African Funk Vol.1 (Conducted by Prickly Pear)

Prickly Pear's MySpace

This is one of my all time fav tracks, and the beat is so refreshing! lol You can find this track from their 1998 LP titled "3rd Eye Vision"

USA. Brooklyn, New York. 1993. Sunset Park, the third Chinatown in New York City. A martial arts group performing the Lion Dance during Chinese New Year. © Chien-Chi Chang/Magnum Photos

On Jan. 26, millions of Asians will celebrate the year 4707, the Year of the Ox. This event continues their nearly 5,000 year tradition of naming lunar new years after animals. The ox is second in the rotating 12−year cycle. The Ox is known for its patient, modest and hardworking virtue.
Culturally, the lunar new year is important. The religious aspect of the holiday emphasizes the clearing away of bad luck in the old year and obtaining a fresh start in the next. It is also believed godlike spirits report what occurred in people’s lives during the past year and pass this information on to the ruler of heaven, the Jade Emperor.

What if your greatest fantasy, became your worst nightmare? Well, that's exactly what happens on Royce 5'9's stirring track "Part Of Me" and the track's theme is heightened by the visuals of Rik Cordero for the video to "Part Of Me."

If you watch the trailer you'll see a few familiar (Slaughterhouse) faces as well..

"Part Of Me" will be included on Royce's forthcoming LP, Street Hop, (Executive Produced by DJ Premier) which will be released on 4-21-09 by M.I.C/One Records.

Donny Goines-Never let my Talent Die (Prod. by Disco D)

Donny Goines writes: This song isn't new, I made this back in 07 and the reason was simple. I wanted to make sure I kept my friend's name out there even after death. Disco D was a person who made a great impact in my life and was one of the most genuine people I've ever met. As long as I continue to do music I will keep his name and memory alive.

R.I.P David "Disco D" Shayman

September 21st, 1980 - January 22nd, 2007

Padded Room is in stores Jan. 22nd!

Shawn Chrystopher ft. Sam Sparro- Not Really Here

Shawn is currently working on his debut LP "A City With No Seasons" so in between working on his creation he will be leaking tracks to give his listeners and idea of what to look for when his album is completed and ready for the masses.

Shawn's blog

Ernie Goines-No

Ernie Goines-No

Rocker at heart, Ernie Gaines is proving to be the next best singer to emerge on the pop scene. With an eclectic style and blend of rock, pop, soul, funk and hip-hop, Gaines is at the forefront of the next generation of headlines to come from New Jersey.

Ernie Goine's MySpace

Huey talks about black people and the way we are treated is similair to the way foreigners are treated, used and abused. He goes along to say that the police are not here to protect us but to destroy us just like the soliders in the Vietnam War were instructed to kill. The damage that the police were causing in the community enforced the Black Panthers to get together and seek out the police and their wrong doings. So if a person was being beaten by the police and taken to jail the Panthers would go to the jail and bail the person out regardless if they were a Panther or not. The community would then take notice that the Panthers were concerned about their community and what was going on.

Its obvious that the current situations that we are faced upon in regards to the Police is out of control. There have been numerous cases of Police shooting innocent victims for no apparent reason. We can discuss the most recent like the BART police shooting of Oscar Grant where he was lying on the ground after being pulled off a San Francisco area train by police who were investigating reports of fighting. The police officer has been charged with Grant's murder. Watching the video angered me even more because the way the officers acted was no where close to being orderly and the actions of the murderer was clearly intentional. What reason did he have to pull out his gun?? Grant was face down and one of the officers even had his head pressed down with his foot. Although the officer has been charged with murder, Grant's family is only in the beginning stages of fighting against the system and protecting their family.

Another case that I just did not understand was the shooting of a former baseball star's son. Robbie Tolan was shot in the liver in front of his home by an officer who suspected that his vehicle was stolen. I feel Tolan was a victim of racial profiling and the officer appeared to be suspect from the beginning. It was said that as Tolan and his cousin were walking up their driveway the officer appeared from the darkness with a flashlight and a gun pointed in their direction. First of all what is the officer doing on their property and appearing from the darkness??? And then the officer disprespected Tolan's mother by pushing her against the wall. Tolan's concern for his mother's whereabouts led the officer to shoot him in the chest. Unfortunately this officer has not been charged with any crime and has only been put on leave.

Dirty cops have been around since day one and the Black Panther Party who have fought for their beliefs and the self defense of their community have taken strong action in elminating the bad. We as a people need to continue to stick together and try our best to atleast decrease these problems that we continue to be faced upon everyday. Its wonderful that we have a Black President but it can be even better if we take the initiative to help him because he can't do it alone. We can form a bond that can be even greater than what the Black Panther's formed but it all starts with YOU, YOU and YOU. Question is are you ready to step up to the plate and REALLY make a change like Barack is?

Obama started his train trip to DC from Philly and my uncle who is an officer down at 30th st. Station took these photos with his camera phone. Obama is following the steps of his idol Abraham Lincoln who also took a train trip to the Whitehouse for his inauguration.

The Soloist

I saw this trailer for Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr.'s new film, The Soloist, while I was at the theater yesterday for NOTORIOUS (Great by the way) and I just thought to myself, 'This is a guaranteed tearjerker and I'm definitely bringing kleenex.' And I'm just gonna put it out there, Jamie's gonna get an Oscar nom. for this one, as he should. The Soloist is due out Spring 2009.

In the midst of all these birthdays of icons( Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Aaliyah, me-(j/k--one day),I've always been fascinated with how our astrological traits somehow paint this portrait of who we are, maybe not all of who we are, but in doses at least. I've also wondered, 'Who is it that was wise to assign each and everyone of us distinct personality traits, better yet was able to write a book about it?' To my luck, someone did actually. Their names are Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers and they wrote The Secret Language of Birthdays: Personology Profiles For Each Day Of The Year. A friend of mine put me on to this book and it's awesome. Each page is dedicated to a different birthdate and gives detailed insight of character traits that come with that particular day of the year--from a person's offbeat routine to their sexual appetite. It's a cool read and it gives you an excuse to be self-indulgent.

NOTE: If you like that, also check out another interesting read (it happens to be my favorite.) Sextrology by Starsky and Cox

Dear Dr. King, Jr.

Jan. 15, 1929-April 4, 1968

Dear Dr. King, Jr.,

First let me apologize for not honoring your memory on the day that you were given the gift of life. Second, I want you to know that although a day or two late, the impact of your hope, your faith, your truth, and most of all, your love left on this world will never be forgotten, nor will your legacy. I want you to know that although our progress is a slow process, nonetheless it is progress, that the CHANGE you countlessly foresaw during your time here with us, has come to fruition, and I am overwhelmed with pride and joy to say that CHANGE will be embedded in history forever come this Tuesday, and I along with my peers will be there to witness it. So I just want to thank you, now and forever for being CHANGE's inspiration.

Love & Forever Grateful,

Yours Truly


Tip and Amanda compliment each other so well....

Q-TIP - New Music Video - Man Woman Boogie

Spotted at Myspace

USA. Salem, New Hampshire. 2008. Barack OBAMA at a rally. © Christopher Anderson

"This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can."
- Barack Obama


How ironic that the day we anticipate the release of one great fallen music legend, we also celebrate the day of another, a fallen angel. We miss you Aaliyah, and today is a reminder of the beauty, the humble, and the talented spirit that we were oh-so-blessed to bare witness to. Happy (30th) Birthday Baby Girl!

Sunrise-January 16, 1979

Sunset-August 25, 2001

Photos courtesy of The Fader: Issue 54, Photographer: Juan Algarin (P.S.-I have this issue. It's breathtaking, like when I saw it on the stand last summer, I literally got the chills. It's a must have.)

Quote of the Day

"You Win some/You lose some/Damn/They lost a brother/ They mother lost a son/Fuck, why my nigga couldn't stay in NY?..."
-NOTORIOUS B.I.G, "Miss You"

Rihanna-How I Like it

This is a very dope illustration book, there are a lot of talented artisits in the book who find inspiration for there art from the craziest places. I've actually shared some artists with you throughout my blog specificallly in the art section. If you're looking for a nice book to add to your collection this is definitely it. So go cop it at Amazon!

This is my "You know you want the book" face lol

DOWNLOAD:The Gwop Boyz Presents:Aaliyah - Hits & Unreleased

1. Aaliyah - Back & Forth (2:55)
2. Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love) (Remix) (4:06)
3. Aaliyah - Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number (3:11)
4. Aaliyah - The Thing I Like (feat. R. Kelly) (3:06)
5. Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew (3:12)
6. Aaliyah - One In A Million (3:25)
7. Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter (3:35)
8. Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire (Remix) (3:26)
9. Aaliyah - The One I Gave My Heart To (3:19)
10. Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody ? (3:12)
11. Aaliyah - I Don’t Wanna (3:22)
12. Aaliyah - Try Again (3:26)
13. Aaliyah - Come Back In One Piece (feat. DMX) (2:56)
14. Aaliyah - Are You Feelin’ Me ? (2:06)
15. Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution (3:52)
16. Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (3:46)
17. Aaliyah - More Than A Woman (2:53)
18. Aaliyah - Don’t Know What To Tell Ya (2:34)
19. Aaliyah - Miss You (3:50)
20. Aaliyah - Miss You (Remix) (feat. Jay-Z) (3:20)
21. Aaliyah - If Your Girl Knew (Remix) (feat. Missy Elliott) (3:32)
22. Aaliyah - One In A Million (Darkchild Remix) (2:51)

Rockstar Society is premiering their official video for "Private Affair" I must admit the hook is mad catchy and the beat is real fly...make you wanna do a little two step. :)

More info:


I don't know if you heard, but Christina Milian is back. Although she's had a rollercoaster of a career ( There are critics, but I happened to like "Say I") , I don't care what anyone says, the girl can sing. And after reviving her career many times over, it's time for Christina get hers, and she's getting it with a new deal over at Myspace Records. And I'm not co-signing (well maybe just a little) but come on, this girl has talent, give her some. But, you be the judge. Here's the video for her new single, "Us Against the World."

Us Against The World - Official Music Video

<a href="http://damuthefudgemunk.bandcamp.mu/track/panacea-walk-in-the-park-damu-remix">Panacea - Walk In The Park (Damu Remix) by Damu The Fudgemunk</a>

Panacea's "Walk In The Park"

Remixed by Damu The Fudgemunk

Panacea’s celebrated 2007 album, THE SCENIC ROUTE, has been re-imagined in its entirety by some of indie Hip Hop’s top producers. It will be released on January 20, 2009, DIGITAL ONLY, by Glow In The Dark Records on iTunes, Napster, Amazon, and all other legit online digital music stores.

Here’s the complete tracklisting (with producers)…

1) The Scenic Route (Doug Life Remix)
2) Flashback to Stardom (DJ Spinna Remix)
3) Pops Said (Nicolay Remix)
4) Epiphany (DJ Nu-Mark Remix)
5) Between Earth and Sky (Joe Beats Remix)
6) Bubble (Stoerok Remix)
7) Square 1 (Cool Calm Pete Remix)
8 ) Blue Ice (Mekalek Remix)
9) Walk in the Park (Damu The Fudgemunk Remix)
10) Aim High (Newman Remix)
11) Katana (Aeon Remix)
12) One Shine (K-Murdock’s Arturian Remix)



For more info on on Panacea visit www.myspace.com/panaceanmusic

Tiara Says: "Sheesh! Getting bit by the love bug is no joke! Here's my roller skates and afro wig song that's all in the name if love."

Tiara Wiles-Love Sick

Tiara Wiles

Quote of The Day

"Everybody's a goddamn freak. We just have a different perception of what being a lady is."

-Sarah Rosete, Electrik Red on the group being
unapologetic for their sexuality in this month's
VIBE (FEB. '09)

Titty boy gives a run down about his special calogne thats supposedly the best thing next to raw oysters (in regards to an aphrodisiac). O yea and he's a virgo who enjoys long walks in the park. The conversation goes on about height and shoe size from which Nicki appears to be pleasantly suprised.


Hovain of the Famous Firm said this is hardcore gangster rap, that type of music that'll make you want to rob, steal and kill(not really tho)...peep the convo:

Hovain:Its hardcore gangster rap though
Blair Blanco:O Lord
Hovain:I know u like weirdo rap
Blair Blanco:lol wierdo rap tho?
Hovain: :-\
Blair Blanco:Whateva
Hovain:Backpack emo rap
Blair Blanco: you a trip
Hovain:No just honest
Blair Blanco:I have a very eclectic ear :-P

A couple of weeks ago, I asked a good friend of mine who his favorite Cosby was. Immediately, he looked at me and smiled, it was one of those "I'm smitten" looks, and shortly after he muttered, "The mom." I guess if I was a pre-pubescent boy who grew up watching The Cosby Show, I would've been fawning over Claire, too. I mean, she was bad. But for me, my favorite Cosby was the girl with the ever-evolving style and the hair to match, the girl who tried to re-create a "Gordon Gartrell" for her brother Theo (If you haven't seen that episode, you don't know Cosby), the girl who was always a little out of place. That girl was Denise.

I could always identify with her, she was smart--as am I, and somewhat indecisive, as I must admit, so am I. But what intrigued me about Denise is that she just didn't give a_____what! And she looked fly doing it. B. Blanco says that's the Cosby I would've been, I have to agree. Now Denise, or should I say Lisa Bonet has always been an icon to me, but I have to say one thing I don't agree with is her choice in baby names.

As much as I would've loved L.B. and Lenny to make it work, I guess it just wasn't in the cards, but she found someone else. His name is Jason Momoa and he and Lisa have a daughter together named Lola Iolani and recently welcomed a new baby son at the end of December. Jason's an actor on the show, Stargate Atlantis, (No, I don't watch it.) He's a cutie of Hawaiian heritage, which explains the name of he and Lisa's newest addition, Nakoa Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. Jason's mother explains on his website, "He was born on the stormiest, rainy night.” She says the weather influenced the baby's extravagantly long name.

I still got love for you Lis, but umm, a nickname wouldn't hurt. Just a suggestion.

"The Fourth grade was epic."
-Mos Def's daughter

Background: "I took my daughter to Paris and we were at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower and she said that the fourth grade was epic." -Mos Def at Highline last night. He talks of his daughter and proves that kids really do say the darndest things, before he spits his verse.....

"For me, the fifth grade was epic."

A night with Mos*

Yesterday as I was sorting out the chaos in the escape that I call my room, I got an unexpected call from a good friend to come attend a show of one of my favorite lyricists, Mr. "UMI shine your light on the world" himself, Mos Def. Of course I was hype. Besides, all I'd planned to do was invest in some Ben & Jerry's, watch Factory Girl with my roommate, and chill. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Mos was playing the Highline Ballroom (NYC) last night. This would make the second encounter I had with the emcee, the first at the premiere of Cadillac Records last month, which was courtesy of his fam and my friend KB, as was this night, thanks K. But I digress, my roomie Candice, and I who were fixed on cosmos and ice cream, were now walking into the venue to get ready for the show, but first we met up with KB, and chilled in the dressing room where I immediately noticed an old-school beverage with some new school branding,"Hood Milk"--funniest thing I've ever seen. And to follow that, tea of a "different" flavor, "Plantation Mint." Hmmm, all I have to say is conspiracy. After we got finished choppin' it up in the dressing room, it was showtime. We headed out to the side of the stage to watch Mos' performance, but were then asked to leave, (long story). Shortly after, we made our way to the main floor where we watched Bk's finest take to the stage sporting his oh-so-cool derby and leather. It wasn't long before Mos shed both, now just baring a white tee, he began to lead us on a journey as the film, The Warriors projected from the background while its legendary characters began theirs as well. The crowd was full of the usual suspects: die hard Mos fans, the pretty girls, "the backpackers," and the white folks from the other side of the picket fence. It's funny because I remember hearing some time ago that 70% of Hip Hop's fan base is white, and I believe all 70% were in that room last night, booing before the show started in hopes to encourage the Bk rhymer to take the stage sooner. And once he was on (which was around 11 p.m.), each bobbed their head, matched his lyrical tounge lick for lick, and were even pumping their fists in the air, at Mos' request of course. The vibe was cool, the audience was high--and some, severely drunk,
but "Mos" importantly the music was good.

Mos treated the crowd to some new "ish" including "Ecstatic" and "Twilight Speedball" which was produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. Then there was this crazy uptempo jawn. To my regret, I have no recollection of what it was called. All I know is that he sampled it from a black band named Rio or band de Rio, my apologies, it was loud as hell in there. Just know that the song is a guaranteed ass shaker. The crowd got amped as he spit the opening line from the song, "Magnetic/the flow is athletic." I know I was gettin' my J.B. (James Brown) on. Mos was quite proud too, as he enlightened the crowd, "I'ma show ya'll how much care and effort I put into this." And that he did. Mos gave us a sampling of what's to come, as well as taking us back with some classics, incuding my anthem "Ms. Fat Booty" in which he cued up with the sample first, HOT!!! He had me going as soon as he dropped the line "Ass so fat/ that you could see it from the front"--yes, it was good.

Miss Fat Booty*

But sadly, all good things must come to an end, as did the show. But before we left, Mos dropped this infectious sample by MJ and his brothers, but for the life of me and my roommate, we couldn't figure out what it was. It was beautiful though. Then finally, he sent us off with a heavenly tune, "All I do" by Stevie. It was so perfect and it was just what I needed, just what the crowd felt. Before he and his crew disembarked from the stage, Mos didn't let us forget about his friends playing the background, The Warriors, reassurring the crowd, "They made it home ya'll."

They did Mos, and you made our night. Thank you.


Blair Blanco 2009 | Cash and Caviar