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USA. Brooklyn, New York. 1993. Sunset Park, the third Chinatown in New York City. A martial arts group performing the Lion Dance during Chinese New Year. © Chien-Chi Chang/Magnum Photos

On Jan. 26, millions of Asians will celebrate the year 4707, the Year of the Ox. This event continues their nearly 5,000 year tradition of naming lunar new years after animals. The ox is second in the rotating 12−year cycle. The Ox is known for its patient, modest and hardworking virtue.
Culturally, the lunar new year is important. The religious aspect of the holiday emphasizes the clearing away of bad luck in the old year and obtaining a fresh start in the next. It is also believed godlike spirits report what occurred in people’s lives during the past year and pass this information on to the ruler of heaven, the Jade Emperor.



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