Dear Dr. King, Jr.

Jan. 15, 1929-April 4, 1968

Dear Dr. King, Jr.,

First let me apologize for not honoring your memory on the day that you were given the gift of life. Second, I want you to know that although a day or two late, the impact of your hope, your faith, your truth, and most of all, your love left on this world will never be forgotten, nor will your legacy. I want you to know that although our progress is a slow process, nonetheless it is progress, that the CHANGE you countlessly foresaw during your time here with us, has come to fruition, and I am overwhelmed with pride and joy to say that CHANGE will be embedded in history forever come this Tuesday, and I along with my peers will be there to witness it. So I just want to thank you, now and forever for being CHANGE's inspiration.

Love & Forever Grateful,

Yours Truly




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