Huey P. Newton Interview

Huey talks about black people and the way we are treated is similair to the way foreigners are treated, used and abused. He goes along to say that the police are not here to protect us but to destroy us just like the soliders in the Vietnam War were instructed to kill. The damage that the police were causing in the community enforced the Black Panthers to get together and seek out the police and their wrong doings. So if a person was being beaten by the police and taken to jail the Panthers would go to the jail and bail the person out regardless if they were a Panther or not. The community would then take notice that the Panthers were concerned about their community and what was going on.

Its obvious that the current situations that we are faced upon in regards to the Police is out of control. There have been numerous cases of Police shooting innocent victims for no apparent reason. We can discuss the most recent like the BART police shooting of Oscar Grant where he was lying on the ground after being pulled off a San Francisco area train by police who were investigating reports of fighting. The police officer has been charged with Grant's murder. Watching the video angered me even more because the way the officers acted was no where close to being orderly and the actions of the murderer was clearly intentional. What reason did he have to pull out his gun?? Grant was face down and one of the officers even had his head pressed down with his foot. Although the officer has been charged with murder, Grant's family is only in the beginning stages of fighting against the system and protecting their family.

Another case that I just did not understand was the shooting of a former baseball star's son. Robbie Tolan was shot in the liver in front of his home by an officer who suspected that his vehicle was stolen. I feel Tolan was a victim of racial profiling and the officer appeared to be suspect from the beginning. It was said that as Tolan and his cousin were walking up their driveway the officer appeared from the darkness with a flashlight and a gun pointed in their direction. First of all what is the officer doing on their property and appearing from the darkness??? And then the officer disprespected Tolan's mother by pushing her against the wall. Tolan's concern for his mother's whereabouts led the officer to shoot him in the chest. Unfortunately this officer has not been charged with any crime and has only been put on leave.

Dirty cops have been around since day one and the Black Panther Party who have fought for their beliefs and the self defense of their community have taken strong action in elminating the bad. We as a people need to continue to stick together and try our best to atleast decrease these problems that we continue to be faced upon everyday. Its wonderful that we have a Black President but it can be even better if we take the initiative to help him because he can't do it alone. We can form a bond that can be even greater than what the Black Panther's formed but it all starts with YOU, YOU and YOU. Question is are you ready to step up to the plate and REALLY make a change like Barack is?



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