A night with Mos*

Yesterday as I was sorting out the chaos in the escape that I call my room, I got an unexpected call from a good friend to come attend a show of one of my favorite lyricists, Mr. "UMI shine your light on the world" himself, Mos Def. Of course I was hype. Besides, all I'd planned to do was invest in some Ben & Jerry's, watch Factory Girl with my roommate, and chill. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Mos was playing the Highline Ballroom (NYC) last night. This would make the second encounter I had with the emcee, the first at the premiere of Cadillac Records last month, which was courtesy of his fam and my friend KB, as was this night, thanks K. But I digress, my roomie Candice, and I who were fixed on cosmos and ice cream, were now walking into the venue to get ready for the show, but first we met up with KB, and chilled in the dressing room where I immediately noticed an old-school beverage with some new school branding,"Hood Milk"--funniest thing I've ever seen. And to follow that, tea of a "different" flavor, "Plantation Mint." Hmmm, all I have to say is conspiracy. After we got finished choppin' it up in the dressing room, it was showtime. We headed out to the side of the stage to watch Mos' performance, but were then asked to leave, (long story). Shortly after, we made our way to the main floor where we watched Bk's finest take to the stage sporting his oh-so-cool derby and leather. It wasn't long before Mos shed both, now just baring a white tee, he began to lead us on a journey as the film, The Warriors projected from the background while its legendary characters began theirs as well. The crowd was full of the usual suspects: die hard Mos fans, the pretty girls, "the backpackers," and the white folks from the other side of the picket fence. It's funny because I remember hearing some time ago that 70% of Hip Hop's fan base is white, and I believe all 70% were in that room last night, booing before the show started in hopes to encourage the Bk rhymer to take the stage sooner. And once he was on (which was around 11 p.m.), each bobbed their head, matched his lyrical tounge lick for lick, and were even pumping their fists in the air, at Mos' request of course. The vibe was cool, the audience was high--and some, severely drunk,
but "Mos" importantly the music was good.

Mos treated the crowd to some new "ish" including "Ecstatic" and "Twilight Speedball" which was produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. Then there was this crazy uptempo jawn. To my regret, I have no recollection of what it was called. All I know is that he sampled it from a black band named Rio or band de Rio, my apologies, it was loud as hell in there. Just know that the song is a guaranteed ass shaker. The crowd got amped as he spit the opening line from the song, "Magnetic/the flow is athletic." I know I was gettin' my J.B. (James Brown) on. Mos was quite proud too, as he enlightened the crowd, "I'ma show ya'll how much care and effort I put into this." And that he did. Mos gave us a sampling of what's to come, as well as taking us back with some classics, incuding my anthem "Ms. Fat Booty" in which he cued up with the sample first, HOT!!! He had me going as soon as he dropped the line "Ass so fat/ that you could see it from the front"--yes, it was good.

Miss Fat Booty*

But sadly, all good things must come to an end, as did the show. But before we left, Mos dropped this infectious sample by MJ and his brothers, but for the life of me and my roommate, we couldn't figure out what it was. It was beautiful though. Then finally, he sent us off with a heavenly tune, "All I do" by Stevie. It was so perfect and it was just what I needed, just what the crowd felt. Before he and his crew disembarked from the stage, Mos didn't let us forget about his friends playing the background, The Warriors, reassurring the crowd, "They made it home ya'll."

They did Mos, and you made our night. Thank you.



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