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Cash&Caviar is bringing to you Sample Thursdays where we get into brief discussions with artists and producers about the art of sampling and their views.

The art of sampling is used among a wide array of producers and aspiring artists a like. Its more than just finding an old record and adding a few kicks and a snare. Every individual has their own unique process in sampling and making that special record that’ll last a lifetime. Diplo who is a well respected DJ, producer and songwriter talks briefly about sampling and his role in M.I.A’s “Paper Planes”

How long have you been producing?

About 5 years

In regards to sampling how longs does it take you to find that right piece from a song to use? For some producers they may skim through the music or even take the time out to listen to the whole song before they know exactly what they want to use.

I’m always collecting records and keeping ideas stored in my head or my itunes.

It is said that in the creation of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" You, Switch, and M.I.A came together to make this song, how did that come about?

Ha. it was just me.. a loop I had for ages, and then I connected a sort of half ass snap beat on it and looped it in. Me and Mayas APT for a couple of hours and she started to sing some melodies on it.. used an old hook and I redid the hook with sound effect.. and then we recorded the proper vocals in London . where we heard some kids in the street and got them to jump on the record and then we wrapped it up.

In the art of sampling who is an artist do you feel people should just NOT sample even if they tried.

None. Its all in the way you can flip it ..sampling has become an art in certain ways... like the way Jay Dilla does it .. but I think that you take something too obvious and not work too hard on it its a lil bit lazy.

What projects are you currently working on?

M.I.A. Shakira. lil Jon. Santogold and my solo record as well as an all dancehall album with Switch.

Any advice for the sampling rookies out there?

Go to old record stores or flea markets. .vinyl and CDRs that looks curious should be investigated .. and learn about old music! everything from blues to heavy metal has some redeeming values and can sound fresh if u add a snap beat to it.

Sample:M.I.A-Paper Planes

Original: The Clash-Straight to Hell

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  1. Toby Grimm said...

    ooh man this was great im a big follwer of original samples i love hearin it

    but this was crazy & copme 2 think of it once i heard tha original i heard it a 2nd time i mean i duno if any1 else sampled it but charles hamilton did for his song called hell boy...which was great how he looped it

    buti was wonderin if anyway u can get tha song from

    original: sarah vaughan-vanity

    remake: Blu- vanity(deathofastar) ptone

    if theres anyway u can get tha sarah vaughan joint & post it up i'd really apperciate

    anyweay keep up wit tha sample thursdays im enjoyin them  


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