Sasha and Malia dolls

"Marvelous Malia" and "Sweet Sasha"

With the welcoming of a new president, comes the beautiful reality of a new day. But unfortunately, it also opens the door for a tremendous amount of unauthorized capitalization. Now, I know hustlers, bootleggers, and vendors alike have benefitted from Obama's election, but what about Barack and Michelle's adorable first daughters Malia and Sasha? Apparently they're no longer off limits when it comes to mega merchandising, either. The two regal young ladies have inspired dolls, but according to the Chicago Tribune, Michelle Obama isn't feeling the toys curtesy of Ty Inc. The paper reported that Michelle's press secretary, said they consider it inappropriate to use the girls, who are "young, private citizens," for marketing. I for one agree with the first lady, but being a "first" is a gift and a curse, and hopefully Sasha and Malia won't be subjected to any more shameless commercialization, especially in the likeness of those creepy bratz dollz.



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