Obama's Train Ride to Victory

Obama started his train trip to DC from Philly and my uncle who is an officer down at 30th st. Station took these photos with his camera phone. Obama is following the steps of his idol Abraham Lincoln who also took a train trip to the Whitehouse for his inauguration.


  1. vinny said...

    "After leaving Springfield, Ill. Lincoln's train zigzagged across the country, finally arriving in Harrisburg. Lincoln, in his speech to the people of Harrisburg said: I am quite sure I do not deceive myself when I say I bring an honest heart: I dare not tell you that I bring a head sufficient for it. If my own strength should fail, I shall at least fall back upon these masses, who I think, under any circumstances will not fail.

    Upon discovery by Pinkerton detectives of a threat to assassinate Lincoln in Baltimore, Lincoln was secreted from his hotel in Harrisburg. He was driven to Baldwin (Steelton, PA) by Jacob Cumpton, an african-american in a carriage provided by Simon Cameron. After boarding a special 6 pm train at Baldwin, Lincoln rode to Philadelphia , transferred to a sleeper train and arrived unannounced in Washington the next morning.

    *So the gist of all that is that Obama's ride from philly to dc wont be historically correct but will capture the spirit of assuming power, as did Lincoln nearly 150 years ago.  


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