Here are some ill photos by photographer Suekwon. She has shot for a plethera of record companies such as Sony and Def Jam and has caught the essence of many artists like Jay-Z, Santogold, EVE and Nas. Check em out!

spotted @ PAPERMAG

Interactive Mirror

Interactive Mirror from Alpay Kasal on Vimeo

This mirror lets you color and do other things & definitely a really dope idea. Wish i had one of these in my crib.

More info @ Interactive Mirror


My Boy E.Jones and 9th Wonder are going to be bringing us a behind the scenes look into their studio sessions as they conjure up some crazy beats and clown around and I must say these are some funny dudes. Enjoy the trailer!

Evidence-The Layover

Dilated Peoples own Evidence is blessing us with this ill song titled "The Layover" the beat is crazy and the video is pretty cool too. The Layover EP will be in stores Nov. 25th.


Download:DJ Premier - Time 4 Change (Mixtape)

01 DJ Premier & Biggest G - Time 4 Change
02 Nygz - Policy
03 Big Shug - When I Strike
04 House Of Reps - U Gotta Love Us
05 Termanology - Hold That
06 Blaq Poet - Ain’t Nuttin Changed
07 Prodigy - Veterans Memorial Pt. 2
08 Statik Selektah Ft. MOP, Jadakiss - For The City
09 Young Maylay - I Showed You
10 D-Flow (DITC) - Like Dat
11 Scarface - Emeritus
12 Jake One Ft. Little Brother - Bless The Child
13 Ludacris Ft. Floyd Mayweather - Undisputed
14 LL Cool J - Dear Hip Hop
15 DJ Revolution Ft. Planet Asia - School
16 Bumpy Knuckles - The OG Pt. 3
17 Royce Tha 5′9″ - I Gotta Shake This
18 DJ Revolution Ft. KRS-One, DJ Premier - The DJ
19 Black Milk Ft. Pharoahe Monch, DJ Premier, SeanPrice - The Matrix

Theophilus London is a dope artist alongside the wonderful vocals coming from Jesse Boykins III. Its a cool creation and the video is ill. I'm slowly becoming a fan of Theophilus especially when he did his thing on "sandcastles." But that is just one of the many songs by him so don't sleep!

Theophilus London's MySpace

This is one of my all time favorite songs from Wu-Syndicate. Straight off of there 1999 LP with Wu-Tang records... I wonder where they are now.

Bandit in Vancouver

WASSUP, 8 years later

Remember the "Whaaa-sssuuup" guys, well now they're back---this time, with a message.
Wake up, people.

It is so disheartening when you learn that someone's world has been shaken by tragedy, and the same goes for singer and Academy Award winner, Jennifer Hudson.
On Friday, Hudson's mother and brother were found murdered in Chicago. The two were the victims of a fatal shooting. Hudson's publicist told PEOPLE magazine,
"We can confirm that there is an ongoing investgation concerning the deaths of Jennifer Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson." The rep, Lisa Kasteler went on to say, "No further comment will be made and the family has asked that their privacy be respected at the difficult time."

Our condolences to the Hudson family.

To read more, go to

New video from The Foreign Exchange for their single "Daykeeper" which is one of my fav songs. I'm diggin Phonte and his ill vocals. Leave It All Behind is in stores now so go cop it!

Just in time for Halloween, Nike's celebrating with its 2008 Halloween Pack. Even if you're not big on the festivities, but you're a sneakerhead, the shoes are worth adding to the collection. The pack includes the Dunk High Premium whose aesthetic is its bat-eye print, the Nike Vandal High and the Air Force 1 feature a black-cat print, and the Nike Dunk Low comes decked out in black leather with a lime-green swoosh and sole to match. But get this, all of the shoes, except for the Vandal High, offer a glow-in-the dark feature and are available to youth and women. Come Halloween, everyone will be in the spirit.

Nike Dunk High Premium

Nike Vandal High

Nike Air Force 1

Nike Dunk Low

They're available now at select sneaker stores.

Seen at

North Carolina native and soul-crooner, Anthony Hamilton proves in his new video that he hasn't forgotten his down-home roots, nor has he lost his ability to amaze me with his gravelly-melodies--and to put it quite simply, he's still "Cool."
Check out his video for his new single, "Cool" featuring David Banner, from his upcoming album, "The Point of it All."

In a first for Columbia University, the school pulls off its Ivy-league blanket this semester, and uncovers a more seductive edge with the help of a new student-run publication. Columbia University student and Editor-In-Chief Hoang Jessica Tang of C-Spot offers the student body--more body, with her erotic monthly. Featuring a double cover with a bare bones anonymous ms. on one side, and a mr. in the buff on the other, the premiere issue of C-Spot, whose tag is, "The New Erotic Review," consists of poetry, art, essays, reviews, and arousing articles such as "The Origins of the Vibrator" and "" where the writer gives the reader a guide through the free, adult site. Although the C-Spot isn't supported by Columbia, according to Fox news, it's clear the campus mag. has no plans of watering down their enticing content. In fact, Tang's recruiting an array of creatives to contribute to the sultry literary. Yup, I think I'll have to make a little trip over to C.U. tomorrow, for a little "quality" time.

Want more info, indulge over at the C-Spot, online.

This is the first installment of the freestyle sessions to promote the "Best Of Both Offices tour" that will be coming in January 2009. The first one to start it off is no other than Mickey Factz....

Guitar boat

Singer-songwriter Josh Pyke rode this nifty guitar across Sydney Harbour for his video for his new single titled "Make You Happy". This guitar is a replica of the one that he uses in his video.

More Info

Book launch party of Martha Cooper’s Tag Town.
@ Alphabeta
70 Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11222
Thursday October 23 from 7-10 PM

If you are in the New York area make sure you attend this party because Martha Cooper is one of the best photographers to have wittness the birth of Hip Hop behind the lens. I have one of her latest books "Hip Hop Files:1979-1984" and its definitely a dope read with exceptional pictures. I'm more than positive that this book will be the same.

Over the past few years, I have grown to despise the queen B, Beyonce. She has nearly dominated every media outlet (besides blogging, thank god for kid sister Solange). Becoming entirely too overrated while gracing television 24/7, stepping in rhinestone encrusted floors in Armani ads while screaming "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", and modeling for her fashion line House of Dereon(really B....Dereon Dresses?). She's just too everywhere. Even her wedding to Jay-Z back in May received the royal "countdown treatment" in the blogosphere (I even knew what time the flower arrangements were constructed). She has become an overrated Barbie, while Solange and Jay play Skipper and Ken to her one-woman show.

Well over the past few weeks, the blogosphere has gone even crazier with the release of Beyonce's new albums I AM....Beyonce and I AM Sasha Fierce, and the release of her two singles off those albums If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). Though not for the reason you may be thinking of. Allegedly If I Were A Boy, Beyonce's opus to female empowerment, was written by little known artist BC Jean, a singer/songwriter based in California. There has been word that Papa (Grand Marshal) Knowles paid producer Toby Gad (who produced the song orignally for BC Jean) for copies of the demo and paid both of them hush money. But in this techno savvy world, did Papa Knowles really thought he could get over on us?

I guess when Papa Knowles comes to town....he shuts that ish down

Here is the link to BC Jean's Myspace page to hear her original version of If I Were A Boy

By now, I'm used to celebrities naming their children wacky names. Take "My Name is Earl" star, actor Jason Lee. He named his son Pilot Inspektor or actress, Shannyn Sossamen, who was Heath Ledger's leading lady in 2001's, "A Knight's Tale"--her son is named Audio Science. Because of this unnecessary phenomenon, I have truly developed a vice for parents who choose to put their desire to "be different" and bestow upon their children a lifetime of torcher, over their kid's best interest. Now, an average joe has bitten the selfish bug and has done the unthinkable. Mark Ciptak of Elizbethton, Tennessee named hs daugher, Sarah McCain Palin in support of the republican ticket. Talk about scarred for life.

Brandy-Long Distance

Check out Brandy's second single, "Long Distance" off her much anticipated album,"Human," due out in November.


Me sporting my very first "shemagh", last year. I can't find this damn thing anywhere. I miss it :(

They're seen adorning the necks of your favorite rappers--Yes, you YE. They're draped messily around the necks of your everyday "hipsters" and corner boys alike, and if you're from New York or have been in the city for at least a day, you've seen them on the corners located right next to the friendly bodegas, on the tables of vendors, or where my mom and I recently purchased my second, and her first--mine tan and black, and my mother's-black and white--on Canal Street. The trend is not new and is quite familiar, actually. And anyone who's anyone knows that the shemagh, the arabian-influenced plaid scarf that infiltrated urban culture--I'll guestimate and say about a few years ago--continues to thrive, and it's safe to say, they're here to stay. I'll admit, there was a time that I was beginning to get sick of those fringed and sometimes sloppily-stitched pieces of cloth, but I can't quit wearing them. They're convenient, they come in an assortment of colors, and for six to eight bucks,depending on what borough you're in, you can't beat the price. But how about switching up the steez a bit, without completely changing up the formula. Try A Peace Treaty, though about three times pricier then the shemagh knock-offs, scarves created by A Peace Treaty bring purpose to the trend.

Conceived by the minds of Farrah Malik, a Pakistani Muslm and Dana Arbib, a Libyan Jew, A Peace Treaty has been on the streetwear radar for a minute. A Peace Treaty sets itself apart from the rest, by presenting more than just a must-have accessory, by creating jobs for skilled craftsmen and women in disadvantaged parts of the world. The duo also helps contribute to bringing medical supplies to Darfur, through donations from the line. Together, the two infuse their love for culture and high fashion into a collection of one-of-a-kind woven scarves. And not only do the innovative patterns and vibrant colors offer more versatility than their less costly, but cheaper quality counterparts. A Peace Treaty proves that depth can be measured by piece of cloth.

Browse A Peace Treaty's '08 collection at

Family Guy is known for its--well--let's just say its offbeat humor, but did the show's usual hilarity cross the line with its dig on republican running mates, John McCain and Sarah Palin? You be the judge.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Debate with James Baldwin (September, 1963): Malcolm X and James Baldwin discuss racism in America days after the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Download:Malcolm X: Debate with James Baldwin

spotted @ thimk

Wale, B.o.B., Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth

Cory Gunz, Blu, Mickey Factz

Ace Hood, Curren$y, Kid Cudi

I am very pleased with the selection of artists to grace XXL's cover simply because these are all artists who are on the come up in creating their own path in Hip Hop, some may agree or disagree but when you look at all of them from Wale to Blu to Cory Gunz they ALL are bringing their own unique style to the game.The Top of the Class issue hits news stands November 4th. kudos

The release for Kid Sister's Dream Date is set to drop on Nov 25th.

This is Mos Def's new single eventhough its only a snippet you will be able to get the full version Nov. 4th via itunes. His new album titled "The Ecstatic" is coming in December.

Mos Def - Life In Marvelous Times (snippet)

GFC New York's own FKi offically dropped their mixtape today so give it a listen and show them some love.

Blue Steel Tracklisting:
1. Blue Steel
2. Lookin Fly Feat. Mickey Factz
3. Satisfaction
4. I'm From Atlanta Bitch!
5. Hawaii Freestyle
6. Shopaholic Remix Feat. Natalia Cappuccini
7. The Oak Tree
8. Clap Ya Handz (Prod By Fully Fitted)
9. We Can Rap
10. Kirby Feat. XV
11. Incredible Freestyle
12. Feel It
13. So So Iggy
14. The Only One
15. Get Open Feat. Badio
16. Zoolander Is Coming

Download: FKi " Blue Steel" Mixtape

Hosted by the hottest new artist in the streets of LA, Nipsey Hussle and Harlem's own "King of the PIFF" Shiest Bubz, "Good Talk Vol. 6" features smokers anthems from YUNG BERG, SEAN KINGSTON the HARLEM/BX crew "ATM" recently formed by CORY GUNZ, SMOKE DZA & NUMBERS and of course Southern lyricist QUESTION.

Big Mike, The Empire & Jonny Shipes present "Good Talk Vol.6"

Get your tickets!

10-17 Mansfield, PA - Mansfield University
10-22 Atlanta, GA - Forbes Arena
10-23 Nashville, TN - Vanderbilt University Memorial Gym *
10-26 New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience
10-31 Chicago, IL - Congress Theater
11-06 Greenville, NC - Minges Coliseum
11-07 Carlisle, PA - Dickinson College
11-12 Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia
11-15 Storrs, CT - Jorgenson Theatre
11-17 Elmira, NY - Emerson Hall
11-22 Geneseo, NY - Kuhl Gym
12-05 College Park, MD - Ritchie Coliseum

he gave good pop

So I got my new Nov. issue of Vanity Fair in the mail like last week (the one with a bewitching Amy Adams on the cover) and I came across a little article about pop artist Keith Haring, entitled "Pop to the People: Keith Haring’s graffiti art is back in style." He is mostly synonymous with his depictions of distorted smiley faces with three eyes and moving cube figurines. He also created the Crack is Wack mural in the Harlem River Park. As a child, I remember seeing the cubed figurines that he created and loved them, but never knew the artist. To my surprise he also grew up in Kutztown (no comment), Pennsylvania. His mastery is spellbinding and I so would love a Keith Haring in my home.

go to his website and gag if you must:

hello world....

I am Jared Michael Lowe; first time blogger, long time reader. I wanted to introduce myself to yall before I get into the juice that I'm gonna bring you, via Cash&Caviar. So let me tell yall a lil bout myself: I'm from Philly (insert every philly shoutout here). I just graduated college from Kutztown University in PA (don't worry if you've never heard the school, just know I have a B.A. ok lol) with a degree in PR, and hustling in it as we speak (Tidbit; you'll probably read a lot of my struggle as I will document what is happening).

I so love fashion. It's the inspiration that I so love and seek. A few of my favorite designers are Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Band of Outsiders, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, Victor Glemaud, Givenchy and so on & so forth. I love music. It's the air I breathe. I constantly have my pod on, so if you see me and I pay no attention to you please don't get mad, I'm just in another world. I had this dream since I was little of becoming an independent film producer, so I'm prayin hard to Jesus that it comes ASAP lol.

Ok this is starting to sound like an eharmony profile, so I'll stop. But before I go, please stay connected to Cash&Caviar, because the hustle is only sweet.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program....

The newest members of GFCnewyork prepare to release their debut mixtape "Blue Steel" by leaking the Shopaholic Remix so here it is.

FKi ft. Natalia Cappuccini-Shopaholic Remix

This ill video is off of Commons 1997 LP One Day It'll All Make Sense

This is a very cool collabo of two gifted individuals and the video is your regular you send me swingin i can't get enough of your love type of thing. its cute.

Kanye West-Heartless

Personally I like this song way better than "Lovelockdown" take a listen and enjoy.

The Atlanta based group Proton are very eclectic and original in the way they embrace their musical skills from the beats to the rhymes. Some may want to put them in the category of the "hipster" rapper but all in all these dudes bring something different to the table.

DOWNLOAD:Proton Red & Purple Volume 1 Mixtape

Proton-Fade Away

Tracklist for Red & Purple Mixtape:
1. Passkey - Proton ft. Mykal Monroe and Vanity 6
2. Laptop - Proton
3. Freaks - Lil' Vicious ft. Doug E. Fresh
4. Juicy Fruit - Mtume
5. Magazine Dreams - Proton
6. Ice Cream - Raekwon ft. Ghostface and Method Man
7. Come Alive - Slick & Rose ft. Proton
8. Inside My Love - Minnie Riperton
9. The Bee RMX - Jessica Tonder ft. Proton
10. 1-900-HATE-PRO - Mykal Monroe
11. Because, Because - The Bird & The Bee ft. Proton
12. Blue Jay Way - The Beatles
13. Hot Sex On A Platter - A Tribe Called Quest
14. Playboy - Proton ft. Amanda Diva
15. Good Look - Proton
16. Roxanne - The Police
17. M.I.A Sh** - M.I.A ft. Proton
18. Ready To Go - Proton ft. Muffy
19. Kiss You Back - Digital Underground
20. Wait A Minute - Proton ft. Roxy Cottontail and Maggie Horn
21. Poison - Bel Biv Devoe
22. Feenin' - Jodeci
23. Candy - Cameo
24. Just Put It In My Mouth - Akinyele
25. Annie Mae (Sweet RMX) - Muffy ft. Kamikazbi
26. I Love My Baby So - Janelle MonĂ¡e ft. Proton
27. If I Love You Tonight - Gayle Chapman
28. Funky Ride - Outkast
29. Fade Away - Santogold ft. Proton

A Family Reunion

So my sistas are coming down to NC around halloween its homecoming for St. Augustine's College which both Jackie and Angela are graduates from and my homecoming at North Carolina Central University. I cannot wait! I love these girls with alllll my heart and I feel like ive been away from them for years. Although its been months at a time it defininitely feels like all of eternity. I want to give a shoutout to KIM and Alexis who are on the hustle in NY and won't be able to make that trip down here. I love you all!

Jackie aka La Star Noir... she's like family. My cousin, my sista my everything. I definitely can't wait to see you and I'm glad you are able to rock with me on this blog ish too. Jackie has been on her grind from graduate school to interning with Vibe and i have never been more proud.

This diva right here... Ms. Angela Brown. I been rockin with her since highschool and she's been more than a inspiration to my life. Her ambition and drive is what i always respected her for. Her craziness too.. she's definitely a character but I love her all the same.

Jerz... this is my QUEEN. *black fist up* She's so knowledgable about our culture, politics whateva. Its good vibes all around and she never hesitates to speak her mind. Actually none of my girls hesitate but its all love.

And this is ME. It wouldnt be complete if i didnt add my picture on here! haha.


Blair Blanco 2009 | Cash and Caviar