hello world....

I am Jared Michael Lowe; first time blogger, long time reader. I wanted to introduce myself to yall before I get into the juice that I'm gonna bring you, via Cash&Caviar. So let me tell yall a lil bout myself: I'm from Philly (insert every philly shoutout here). I just graduated college from Kutztown University in PA (don't worry if you've never heard the school, just know I have a B.A. ok lol) with a degree in PR, and hustling in it as we speak (Tidbit; you'll probably read a lot of my struggle as I will document what is happening).

I so love fashion. It's the inspiration that I so love and seek. A few of my favorite designers are Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Band of Outsiders, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, Victor Glemaud, Givenchy and so on & so forth. I love music. It's the air I breathe. I constantly have my pod on, so if you see me and I pay no attention to you please don't get mad, I'm just in another world. I had this dream since I was little of becoming an independent film producer, so I'm prayin hard to Jesus that it comes ASAP lol.

Ok this is starting to sound like an eharmony profile, so I'll stop. But before I go, please stay connected to Cash&Caviar, because the hustle is only sweet.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program....



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