A Family Reunion

So my sistas are coming down to NC around halloween its homecoming for St. Augustine's College which both Jackie and Angela are graduates from and my homecoming at North Carolina Central University. I cannot wait! I love these girls with alllll my heart and I feel like ive been away from them for years. Although its been months at a time it defininitely feels like all of eternity. I want to give a shoutout to KIM and Alexis who are on the hustle in NY and won't be able to make that trip down here. I love you all!

Jackie aka La Star Noir... she's like family. My cousin, my sista my everything. I definitely can't wait to see you and I'm glad you are able to rock with me on this blog ish too. Jackie has been on her grind from graduate school to interning with Vibe and i have never been more proud.

This diva right here... Ms. Angela Brown. I been rockin with her since highschool and she's been more than a inspiration to my life. Her ambition and drive is what i always respected her for. Her craziness too.. she's definitely a character but I love her all the same.

Jerz... this is my QUEEN. *black fist up* She's so knowledgable about our culture, politics whateva. Its good vibes all around and she never hesitates to speak her mind. Actually none of my girls hesitate but its all love.

And this is ME. It wouldnt be complete if i didnt add my picture on here! haha.


  1. La Star Noir said...

    I can't wait to see you, too! The girls are back in town!!!  

  2. beloved said...

    Me either :)  


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