Last Friday, my mom accompanied me back to the city from Philly, for a little "mommy and me" quality time, and so we could conduct a little retail therapy on Canal St., or what I'd like to call, "La Rue de Hustle." Anyway, we were making our way from 6th and Watts from which the Boltbus so conveniently dropped us off, and we happened upon this cute and quaint makeup boutique tucked away in Soho. Little did we know, it was owned by world-renowned makeup artist, Linda Mason.

Mason's boutique/gallery, which opened in 1998, is like a wonderland for makeup artists and artists alike, or those who just like pretty things,like me. From painted faces on huge canvases that decorate the subdued walls to the rainbow platter of eye shadows and customized liquid foundations that look more like they belong on a palette than a shelf, Mason's boutique makes a girl feel lucky she's a girl.

She's artfully sculpted the faces of models for designers including Jean Paul Gaultier since the late 70s and has beautified celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell, and even LL Cool J? Hey, boys like to look pretty, Ahem, handsome too. Mason even shares her talents with aspiring makeup artists by holding cosmetic workshops, and not only does she paint a good "mug," her work translates from faces to Ts,pillows, makeup compacts, scarves, etc. So next time you're in Soho, stop in for a little "face time."

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