are we in hot water now....Ms. Carter?

Over the past few years, I have grown to despise the queen B, Beyonce. She has nearly dominated every media outlet (besides blogging, thank god for kid sister Solange). Becoming entirely too overrated while gracing television 24/7, stepping in rhinestone encrusted floors in Armani ads while screaming "Diamonds are a girl's best friend", and modeling for her fashion line House of Dereon(really B....Dereon Dresses?). She's just too everywhere. Even her wedding to Jay-Z back in May received the royal "countdown treatment" in the blogosphere (I even knew what time the flower arrangements were constructed). She has become an overrated Barbie, while Solange and Jay play Skipper and Ken to her one-woman show.

Well over the past few weeks, the blogosphere has gone even crazier with the release of Beyonce's new albums I AM....Beyonce and I AM Sasha Fierce, and the release of her two singles off those albums If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). Though not for the reason you may be thinking of. Allegedly If I Were A Boy, Beyonce's opus to female empowerment, was written by little known artist BC Jean, a singer/songwriter based in California. There has been word that Papa (Grand Marshal) Knowles paid producer Toby Gad (who produced the song orignally for BC Jean) for copies of the demo and paid both of them hush money. But in this techno savvy world, did Papa Knowles really thought he could get over on us?

I guess when Papa Knowles comes to town....he shuts that ish down

Here is the link to BC Jean's Myspace page to hear her original version of If I Were A Boy



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