Common's "Universal Mind Control"

With his 90s classic ode to Hip Hop, "I Used to Love H.E.R.," Common taught us to embrace the evolution of the game. And on his latest single, "Universal Mind Control," featuring beat innovater, Pharrell, the song pairs Common's enigmatic flow with a Bambaataa-esque composition, compliments of the self-proclaimed N.E.R.D. While the transformation in Common's rhyme and style is evident, words can only say so much. In the video for "Universal Mind Control", Common gets his b-boy on while pimped out in patent leather, and get this, he's accompanied by a robotronic Pharrell. Well, sort of. What do you expect from the beast that is Hype Williams? Just watch.

Common's new album, Universal Mind Control is set to drop November 11th (According to Okayplayer).



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