I'm Incredible...

If you thought every rapper in the game hopping on the A Millie beat was enough from Lil Mama to LL Cool J then you must be sleepin. Theres been a plethera of gifted emcees laying down tight verses on the "incredible" beat from Mickey Factz,Skyzoo,Naledge,Melo-X, Izza Kizza, Cory Gunz,Tyga.. just to name a few.And I must say it is incredible!! But the hype has just begun so feast your eyes on the arists who have gave their best bars and you can possibly come just as hard because i have the instrumental for download. So go hard or go home!


Mickey Factz










I'm always here to support artists who are on the come up in their own way... so here is a mixtape for free download of my homie Gage. Check him out and show love!


01. Intro
02. Son Of A Gun
03. Recognize (Prod. By Gotti)
04. Freak Friday- Ft. Canarcy & Gully Mack
05. Fall Back (Prod. By Gotti) - ft.Broadway
06. Cookin Mine (Prod By. Nard & B)- Trump ft Broadway & Gage
07. Paper Straight Intro- Gotti
08. Paper Straight (Prod By Gotti)
09. Who Harder Than Me (rmx)- Gully Mack Ft. Gage
10. Im In The Hood- ft Deede
11. Actin Bad (Prod. by Hammadi) - Trump
12. That's Gangsta (Rmx)
13. So Strange- Broadway ft. Gage
14. What You Like (Prod. By Gotti)- Broadway
15. How Freaky Snippet (Prod. by 2 Tall)- Trump ft. Gage
16. New Money- Ft. Trump
17. Rain Check- Shoney ft. Gage
18. Passing You

Gage's MySpace

Its been several years since ive read Sista Souljah's "The Coldest Winter Ever" which had me on edge through every chapter and now Sista Souljah is blessing us with a sequel to the book titled " Midnight; A Gangster Love Story" which is scheduled to hit book stores October 14,2008. And ever since the deal with Jada Pinkett Smith fell through on writing the film for the movie the film rights are still up for grabs so SOMEBODY needs to hop on that!! *hint hint* Spike lee... Gary Gray... Hype Williams.. somebody...anybody??

Wiley's exhibit will be at The Studio Museum in Harlem from Jul 17 thru October 26,2008.

Wiley is known for his stylized paintings of young, urban African-American men in poses borrowed from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European figurative paintings, a practice he started in the early 2000s

One of my fav songs back in the day and it was directed then no other than Hype Williams. :-)

T.I. made a trip to Philly to talk about the value of education,positive behavior and promoting his voter registration campaign "Respect My Vote"

Sumthin's Gotta Give is the first single off Big Boi’s second solo album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. I'm defintinely diggin the video and the message.

The Indonesia-based artist Tony Ariawan has made beautiful artwork through Adobe Photoshop and a vector program to make his work called “Stop Haunt Me Everyday.”
He named the collection “Stop Haunt Me Everyday” because it’s inspired by “the girl who always came across my mind, every time and every day.”

info via:Complex

My favorite couple maybe thinking of doing an entire album together. In the past the duo has graciously worked together on numerous tracks but now they are thinking of taking it to new heights.Nas told MTV about the ordeal although it is not yet confirmed if they will be actually doing an album together the idea is there.

Hopie Spitshard

I'm always thrilled when I come across a female emcee that spits with just as much dignity as any male emcee out there. Hopie has crazy swagger and keeps it original..you will never find another sound like hers. She recently released her album "The Diamond Dame" earlier this month and also continuing to do shows.

Hopie Spitshard MySpace

Behind the scenes of The Diamond Dame photoshoot.

Jesse dropped this video a few months ago.. i first encountered this gifted brotha on BETJ and he drew me in instantly. He definitely possesses a soulful and fresh approach and i love him for that. So if you haven't seen the video check it out and visit his MySpace.

Garbege Clothing and GFCnewyork came together to release the anticipated Vietnam Vol. 2! Featuring all the hottest, exclusive, upcoming signed and unsigned talent that's out including Chester French, Kid Cudi,Theophilus London and hosted by the one and only Mickey Factz

Download the mixtape HERE

1. Mickey Factz- War (Prod By Precize)
2. Mickey Factz- Mick Joy (Prod By N*E*R*D)
3. Theophilus London - Sand Castles feat. Salonge (Prod By Machine Drum)
4. Mickeylude
5. Kid Cudi- Embrace The Martian (Prod By Crookers)
6. Fresh Daily- Jump f. Jesse Boykins III (prod The Milkman)
7. Chester French- She Loves Everybody (Prod By Chester French)
8. Curtis Santiago- TKO
9. Mickeylude II
10. Mickey Factz- Rockin N Rollin Remix feat. The Cool Kids (ILLFONICS REMIX)
11. Mickeylude III
12. The Cool Kids- Oscar The Grouch (Prod By Chuck Inglish)
13. FKi- Clap Ya Hands (Prod By FKi)
14. Nakim- I Get It In (Prod By The Runners)
15. Smoke Dza- Go Getter feat. Nipsey Hustle
16. Mickey Factz- Salute feat. Jesse Boykins III & Mz.Mimz (Prod By Chase N. Cashe)
17. Melo X- XXX
18. Jesse Boykins III- Sobriety (Prod By Jesse Boykins III)
19. Jade- So Fresh
20. Mickey Factz- Peace (Prod By Precize)


The work was done by Scott Van Den Plas and Joe Van Wetering.

Looks like Krispy Kreme has thought up of something more delectable than their signature hot glazed doughnuts, they have hit us with the world's first grass flip flops and it doesnt entail some artificial grass this is the real deal and the flip flops can be kept up for over four months if taken care of properly. Word is they have only been released in London but are soon to be released nationwide.

Movie Trailer for Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Maybe this is something the fellas can get into... basically Spike TV will premier Afro Samurai: Resurrection, the movie followup to the Afro Samurai anime series, in January of 2009.

Afro Samurai: Resurrection Participants:

Takashi Okazaki is the creator/writer.
RZA provides the original score.
Samuel L. Jackson plays the interrelated roles of Afro Samurai and sidekick Ninja Ninja.
Lucy Liu debuts as Sio, a "beautiful, seductive and sadistic mastermind plotting to destroy Afro Samurai".
Mark Hamill, that Stars Wars guy voices Bin, "Sio's manservant and protector".
Yuri Lowenthal returns as Kuma.

As previously noted RZA will also provide the ingame soundtrack.

Official Site:
Afro Samurai

Info via:prohiphop

Talk about two fly divas with mad talent, I came across these two on rappersiknow and to top it off its mixed by the most official dude on the come up right now Melo-X. So download the mixtape for the free and add em to your myspace!


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