Happy Thanksgiving everyone, be safe and enjoy it with family and friends. I just touched down in Philly not to long ago and I must say the traffic on 95 is BANANAS!! I understand the price in gas has dropped but dang.. . i wasn't expecting the whole "U.S of A" to be on the road like this... but i'm just blessed to have made it here eventhough it took like 9 hours from NC. lol and I know it was serious when mom dukes was contemplating about taking a flight back to dodge the traffic. Stay blessed people and don't eat too much turkey!

“Formatmag.com and DJ MeLo-X present Futrama, a collection of 2008’s next generation MCs. Futurama includes drops from 88 Keys, B.o.B., Big Sean, Charles Hamilton, Diz Gabran, Drake, Jay Electronica, Kid Cudi, Mickey Factz, The Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa and many more!”

DOWNLOAD:Formatmag.com & MeLo-X Present “Futurama”

Last week, we put you on to Le Tapin's art exhibit, "I Would Spit On Your Sneakers." Well, I had the opportunity to attend the opening reception for the unconventionally, dope art installation at the YUME in Brooklyn. The exhibit is a critical deconstruction of the sneaker and features pieces with ghoulish creatures devouring sneakers and mind-boggling abstract art, presented by a collaborative of artists, as well as collections by streetwear designers,including A.L.I.E.N. All in all, I revelled in a night of some tasty wine, great art, and connected with some beautiful and talented people. Witness the culture, below.

Dope Mural at the YUME Gallery in Brooklyn.

My partners in crime that night, Alexis and Charla indulge in some culture.

Dim, one of the artists that night, gettin' busy.

The Artists collab for a photo op.

Me and A.B. of A.L.I.E.N.

Guests and to the far right, Brooklyn rap/new wave artist,Theophilus London.

Custom painted Vans by Art Force One.

Amateur Footage {Hey, I'm still working on my videography} from "I Would Spit On Your Sneakers."

As disturbing as this image is, you, like I must be wondering how could anyone have possibly survived this? Fortunately, The Legendary Roots crew did. After a car crash in Europe last week, ?uestlove is making sure he's setting the record straight with fans after posting the image above on his myspace page. Today, he writes in his blog, "in short we escaped what I can only call a tragic bus crash while on our way to open for kanye in paris. that white van basically missed an open for an exit and thought he could last minute side swipe us/race us to get off. and just wound up knocking us off this road. kinda strange how the mind works because the inside of the bus is tinted and covered with curtains. so despite the fact we flipped over i still thought it was just a fender bender for i had no reference point of direction."
All I have to say is, thank God, everyone made it out okay.

Learn more details about the crash from ?uestlove here .

Drake is continuing to bless us with his talent and his track "little Bit" off of his upcoming mixtape “So Far Gone" is pure ear candy, take a listen and see for yourself.

Drake-Litte Bit(remix)


Whether you disagree with her media etiquette or not yet convinced she measures up to that of her older sibling B--Solange is a true songwriter. And for that, I dig her. She also doesn't mind putting it all out there in her music. Speaking of, watch the new video for her latest single, T.O.N.Y. I guarantee you've never seen an ending quite like this.

"....Then one star got brighter by the minute.Strange that it seemed to have my name written in it."

I ran across this video that me and my friend Ryan made a few months back out of boredom...theres nothing special to it, we were just fascinated that the webcam actually worked.. lol

just a spoonful

ART art art! I love art so here are some random pieces I have came across browsing the net like I rightfully do.

More of Mosstika's work HERE

More of C215's work HERE

January 16th is the day that the world will once again hear those famous words "Baby, Baby, Uh," through the biopic of Biggie Smalls. But until then,
check out how the cast of NOTORIOUS gets pointers from one of my favorite choreographers Tanisha Scott--on how to move, groove, and flow "NOTORIOUS"--ly.

Notorious B.I.G. Exclusive Movie Clip: CHOREOGRAPHY


I think a lot of us thought that T-Pain was just a fad that would fade away as the days went by but as you can see he has talent to back up his gimmick and its only 2 things that cause a talented artist to fall off.................Drugs and Women!!!!!!

Dedicated To You!!!

For your coked out syrup sipping enjoyment I bring to you 

Check out this cool new commercial brought to you by Zune for its new Zune 3.0 Mixview software. As described by Zune's site, Mixview is "A mosaic of connections your selection has to other albums, artists, and listeners." Peep how the commercial unites Common and his "Universal Mind Control" predecessor, Afrika Bambaataa.

It seems that everyone and their mother has read The Coldest Winter Ever, the classic novel that pretty much help pioneer urban fiction. Now, Sister Souljah brings us Winter's follow up, Midnight, and she's getting up close and personal with her new book. Souljah will be appearing at the Free Library of Philadelphia on Saturday, December 20th for an in-store book signing and a Q&A Session. She'll also do a reading from the highly-anticipated book, and get this, admission is FREE.

For more info, check out: The Free Library of Philadelphia online.

Q-Tip-Renaissance Rap

Check out the latest video Q-Tip uploaded to his Myspace.

Renaissance Rap

Robin Thicke gets steamy with model, Jessica White in his video for his new single, "The Sweetest Love." The single's featured on his third album, Something Else, in stores now.

Although Mickey hasn't graced the Billboard charts just yet, he is still getting the recognition that he deserves as a dedicated artist who is focused on his craft. Billboard has acknowledged his hustle with an article about the start of his music career and whats to come.

Read the article HERE!!

Customizing "CHANGE"

It's clear that President-Elect Barack Obama has done more than impact a nation, but he's infiltrated a culture--youth culture, the "Hip-Hop Generation," not to mention popular culture--need I say more? Now, with the help of Van Taylor, a Cincinnati-based artist, the former senator and our new leader of tomorrow's legendary mantras of "Change" and "Yes We Can," will now add to the evolution of one of the most popular sub-cultures there are--sneakers. Although Taylor first made headway earlier this year with his custom Nike Air Obama's, I thought I'd reintroduce the grounbreaking kicks, you know, in the spirit. And for those who are just getting a peek, admire and enjoy.



Check out more of Van's customized work on his myspace page, which includes art influenced by the genocide in Darfur and Kanye West's "Graduation" album.

Sidenote: For all my sneakerfreaks, wouldn't it be nice if Spike Lee revived his "Mars Blackmon" character and directed a commercial to accompany these historical shoes? I'm thinkin' Obama at the hoop this time around.

Air Jordan and Mars Blackmon Classic

Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj-Single Ladies (rmx)

So Nicki hopped on the Beyonce track and put her own lil twist to it, someone told me this is the official remix, not fully sure tho.


For the first time ever, on November 20th Le Tapin comes to Brooklyn! In collaboration with Vapors Magazine, A.L.I.E.N, UBER LIFE, FORMAT & BKRW, AUDIO AESTHETICS invites Le Tapin for the U.S. debut of "I WOULD SPIT ON YOUR SNEAKERS." The exhibit is a critical deconstruction of the "sneaker" in a post modern/contemporary society using a surrealist and a self described post graffiti aesthetic.

RSVP strictly enforced: rsvp@audioaesthetics.com
The opening reception will be from 7-11pm. With the exhibit running till December 4th.

Curated by Sabrina Yo'land & MEGA
Special installation by 4th Dimension
Complimentary wine & cheese
Soundtrack by DarKvader
Secret afterparty with NORMrex Records. Must RSVP to receive invite & password...

DOWNLOAD:NAS-Please Listen To My Demo

01. Intro
02. 17 Years Old Freestyle
03. Freestyle (1st Time On Stretch & Bobbito Show)
04. Freestyle (2nd Time On Stretch & Bobbito Show)
05. Another Day In The Projects (Demo To NY State Of Mind)
06. I’m A Villain (Demo To NY State Of Mind)
07. Freestyle (3rd Time On Stretch & Bobbito Show)
08. Freestyle (Wake Up Show W/ Sway & Tech)
09. Memory Lane (Primo’s Demo Mix)
10. Represent (Primo’s Demo Mix)
11. NaS Will Prevail (Large Professor Demo Mix “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”)
12. Who’s World Is This (Rough Draft DJ Hollywood Session)
13. Life’s A Bitch (ft. AZ) (Rough Draft Studio Session)
14. Life Is Like A Dice Game (Unreleased)
15. True Dialect (Unreleased)
16. Understanding (ft. Biz Markie & AZ) (Unreleased)
17. Wake Up Show Promo
18. Freestyle In The UK
19. Deja Vu (Demo Which Became Verbal Intercourse)
20. #1 With A Bullet (Demo)
21. On The Real (ft. Cormega) (Unreleased Marly Marl Original)
22. Don’t Hate Me Now (Unreleased)
23. Life’s Gone Low (Unreleased)
24. Tales From The Hood (Unreleased)
25. New York (Unreleased Primo’s Hard 2 Earn Mix)
26. 2nd Coming (Unreleased)
27. Untitled (Unreleased Primo Track)
28. High (Unreleased)
29. NaS Will Rock (Unreleased Pete Rock Track)
30. Surviving The Times

This gets a BIIIIIIG WTF!!!! I would never in dear life be caught wearing these, its bad enough people walk around with a rabbit's foot in their pocket assuming they are now engulfed with good luck. But these would get you a couple of awkward stares and frowns.


Paris street art.

DJ Khaled "Go Hard" featuring Kanye West and T-Pain

Check out the video for "Go Hard," DJ Khaled's second single off of his third album, "We Global." Oh yeah, and it's another Hype Williams joint.


Heres a video of 6th Sense and Apple Juice Kid making beats in Apple's lab in Chapel Hill, NC. Kinda wild how were not far from each other being so i'm in Durham. But thats besides the point, together they made three beats and heres some footage of one beat they were able to capture for all to see. enjoy!

DOWNLOAD:Common & J Dilla - Something In Common (MIXTAPE)

1. Common Symptoms Intro (Produced By DJ Unexpected For Digger’s Union Local 1200)
2. A Penny For My Thoughts
3. Breaker 1/9
4. 1st Days Of The New School (Unreleased Demo)
5. Who Shot Ya Freestyle
6. While I’m Dancin’ (Common Verse)
7. 87th Street Kid (Interlude)
8. My People, Hold On (Produced By J Dilla) (DJ Unexpected Remix)
9. Take It Ez
10. 5 Deadly Venoms (ft. The Beatnuts, Fat Joe & DJ Honda)
11. Fresh Rhymes Daily (ft. Juice)
12. Dooinit In Waves (Produced By J Dilla) (DJ Unexpected Remix)
13. Common Speaks On J Dilla (Interlude)
14. C.R.E.A.M. (Live In Germany)
15. I Used To Love H.E.R.
16. The Misunderstanding (Interlude)
17. The Bitch In Yoo (ft. De La Soul) (Live At Tramps 1996) (snippet)
18. The Bitch In Yoo (Original Version W/ Different Lyrics)
19. State To State (ft. Dug Infinite) (Produced By No I.D.)
20. Jam (ft. Rahzel & Alliance Etnik)
21. Makin’ A Name For Ourselves (Mathematically Aware) (ft. Canibus)
22. Resurrection (DJ Honda Remix)
23. Common Speaks On The Light (Interlude)
24. Baby, We Must Be In Love (Produced By J Dilla) (DJ Unexpected Remix)
25. 2 The Temple (Unreleased Demo)
26. Dilla Says Go (ft. Kanye West & John Mayer) (Produced By J Dilla) (DJ Unexpected Remix)
27. Full Moon
28. Universal Mind Control (ft. Pharrell)

"Cuz my niggas hungry as hell, we always feelin' famished
And when I say the cabbage, you know I mean the money
And when I say the rap game, you know I mean the buffet
Hey, call ya waiter, tell him, "give me a to-go plate"
It's Popular Demand, they done gave me the okay."
- Black Milk "Popular Demand"

Those lyrics have nothing to do with the song, i just felt like quoting one of my fav. Black Milk songs because he's the best. duh!

Black Milk's MySpace

when did you become a robocop

You've probably seen them on The Sartorialist and almost every other blog.The one on the left I'm friends with on facebook (insert hypeness). He's JeanPaul Paula.

get in and close the door

Recently, I've been really nostalgic for the life i lived formerly. I used to be very NEO-SOUL....(angie remembers my Common Knit hats and scarfs lol). I would like try to go to Black Lily and loved Jazzyfatnastees and the whole shabang. But over the years, glamorized and overrated "pop" came into me and I started to like what the masses love.

Over the past month, I've been getting back into my NeO-Soul roots. I've been listening to Van Hunt alot and getting in with Amel Larrieux. Van Hunt's self titled debut remains a classic for me. I remember the days of listening to "Dust" and "Hold My Hand" in complete awe and Amel Larrieux has always been one of the puriest voices I've ever heard.

Van Hunt's cd Popular is out as well as Amel Larriex's Lovely Standards. I highly recommend these both.

Long Live Soul

Some of my fave Van Hunt songs:
Down Here in Hell
Seconds of Pleasure
Hold My Hand
Being A Girl
The Night is Young

Some of my fave Amel Larrieux songs:
Sweet Misery
Get Up
Younger Than Springtime
For Real
Infinite Possibilities
We Could Be

Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan will premiere tonight on BET. It follows the Wu from their beginnings in Staten (”Shaolin”) Island through their groundbreaking business practices- inside and outside the record industry, to their eventual break-up. Following the staid format of traditional documentaries-narration, interviews with childhood friends, quick cuts to neighborhoods–the Staten Island ferry, city landscapes-it simplifies the world’s most influential hip hop group to an hour and 30 minutes.

But it’s not entirely the fault of childhood friend Gerald K. Barclay, director and executive producer. It should have been told in parts-like their albums-one group story, separate solo in-depth examinations of each member, then coming back to the clan again. Wu-Tang Story I, II, III, until all of it’s told.

It fails to show their eclectic influences of Five Percent ideology, Inspector Clusoe, The Bible, a medley of drugs, the Qur’an, Taoism, the Iliad, Marvel comics, to every kung fu flick shown in a seedy 42nd Street movie house.

It just grazes the tip of their ballet on the microphone, their resurrection of the Wallabees with a new multi-colored flavor, and futuristic musical styles from their beats to their rhymes to their musical influences ranging from kung fu soundtracks to the Original Savannah Band.

The most poignant moments come with the formulaic, “Behind the Music” approach. Childhood friends come up with the brilliant idea to form a music group, the group becomes wildly successful, they’re each lured away by the temptation of having more, being more, and then it all implodes. Competitiveness becomes compulsion and the group breaks up. It usually ends with a breakout star who goes on to a successful solo career, drug addiction, or Melba Moore-like acting in the Chitlin’ circuit theater. In this case, the foreshadowing of destruction is Ol’ Dirty bastard and his warring personal demons.

Midway through, Ol’ Dirty is chubby-faced, recently released from prison, and seemingly having won the war of his addictions. Then vultures pull at him from all angles. Damon Dash signs him to a $1 million deal. His mother brags to the cameras that they have a book deal, a record deal, and a successful clothing line.

Members of the Clan are concerned for his health and urging him to lay low. It’s when Ol’ Dirty tells Mitchell “Divine” Diggs, CEO of the Wu, “I’m waiting to die, cause when I do, you mf’s are gonna wake up,” that empathy rules out over the Behind-the-Music irony. It’s the moment where you see that Ol’ Dirty, dubbed a free spirit by some, out of control by others, needs the Wu, the spotlight, needs to rap and to showcase his talents to stay sane in a newly sober world. He’s on fast forward as he realizes his window to say no to the devil is very short.

The Wu story shows rare footage of the group performing in Hawaii, overseas, and in hole in the wall clubs, all in front of breathless, crying fans. It hints at their success in fashion, comic book lines, kung fu videos, all while continuing to sell millions of records.

This is where BET succeeds–in telling the young black youth about the innovation of what the clan did–a community of MC’s that were able to step out from the pack, shine, and come back and be a family again. It shows RZA, the genius behind their making, who bargains for less money up front for their deal with Loud Records, in order to have the freedom to sign individual crew members to solo deals.

And it shows how he brought nine MC’s from the warring Stapleton and Park Hill projects together in a basement to record Protect Ya Neck, where they were forced to come correct to prove a point. It gives us a slice, albeit a small one, of nine men that in 1993 emerged from the forgotten borough to form one of the most successful rap groups of all time.

Wu-The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan, premieres on BET tonight at 8pm. The soundtrack, due out Nov. 18th , features Wu’s biggest hits as well as classics from several of their solo endeavors.


TAWIAH is like a breath of fresh air, like seriously her voice comes second to none and there is no comparison. She's eccentric and her songs are moving and soulful.I love it when I stumble across talented artist like TAWIAH because it gives me that recognition that good music still exists out here in this crazy world. Get a taste of what i'm talking about and listen to these tracks by TAWIAH and add her to your MySpace!

TAWIAH - Everystep

TAWIAH-Watch Out


This is the first episode of 9th Wonder and E.Jones "De Blog Jam." Watch them as they make beats at the "de stu" (at my school NCCU) and of course bug out like they always do!

On Monday, Blair Blanco shared with me that Mr. "Love Lockdown," Kanye West himself, would be holding a special conference call with his fans. Of course, I was all over it. Fans were invited through receiving a special email and passcode. Today was the day, the day that I, along with hundreds of other fans would share a phone line with Ye. Although he was scheduled to chat it up with his supporters around 1:30 pm, Ye didn't hop on the line until a little after two. But at as a surprise, callers were first treated to a Q&A session with DJ Khaled and Ace Hood, whose album drops Tuesday. DJ Khaled and Ace Hood thanked their fans, and Hood even broke the ice by freestyling. Finally, it was time for Mr. West, and he opened up about everything from his new album "808s and Heartbreaks" to his reallife heartbreak, to his new single with Jeezy, "Amazin'." Unfortunately, callers weren't able to ask Ye any questions as promised, but we did get an ear full, And now, you will too.

The Conference Call:

Kanye West: Yo, I just want to thank everybody for their support first of all. I’m at a listening session playing my joint for the people in the UK cuz I feel like I love doing listening sessions cuz it feels like Christmas Day when the parents get to see the kids open up their gifts, cuz I feel like I try to give the gift of music, cuz this album has been like basically based off the devastation and the hurt that I’ve felt within the past year of all the losses that I went through and shit and kind of settling into sort of being like this fucking super famous alien where every where I go, somebody wants a fucking photograph.

And you know it’s hard when you not really a celebrity, but you just a real person that end up just being famous for your craft, but what’s good, is it’s therapeutic for me. It’s a better option than suicide, just like keep on putting out music and art, but of course I got a lot of backlash for my medium that I wanted to do this in. And I created a thing, I call Heartbreak. It’s like a mixed drink and it’s like auto tune beats and distortion wit a bit of delay on it and a whole bunch of fucked up life where I put on to records and that’s what I call my heartbreak and that every record basically has. I’m delivering what I feel like is art and that’s what I want to deliver at this point from now on... I feel like niggas be givin up or try to make music on a Quincy Jones level and on this record I’m trying to improve my craft and trying to take my shit to a level that no nigga eva made it to. You know, no nigga’s rocked no 50,000 people, no 100,000 stadiums ten years after they records came out. And for anybody that saw the tour, you know my goal is to take it to a whole 'nother level. You know, so today we bout to drop one of the records everbody’s talking about is “Amazin'” featuring Jeezy. I wanted to personally make this call before Chris blasted it out to everybody. But you know it’s definitely one of those joints in the club that’s gonna go crazy, that’s gonna send it up, like we did with “Swagga” like we did with “Put On” like why we always do at this time, basically this is what my job is. My job is to give ya’ll shit that have the model bitches running crazy and shit or have niggas bobbin they heads crazy like it’s “Can’t Tell Me Nuthin’” or “Flashing Lights” and of course I was always hit em with a curve to start off with. I mean ya'll know with that “Heartless,” that’s straight nigga shit. The whole album is shit that 50 would rap over but I’m tryin put some Phil Collins melody but even though I’m harmonizing, it’s still from a nigga perspective…This is still 100% rap perspective music with melody.

I just came on the phone to thank everybody for their support with “Love Lockdown.” The shit sold over a million on itunes thus far and bitches love it and niggas like to watch bitches dancing to it. Any females Djs and young ladies like it very much.

This album is really from my heart man, it’s an art project. I just appreciate everybody—Yeah for the people who like mad that I’m not rappin’ right now. Thank you very much for allowing me to sit on this basic, therapeutic couch. And let this one off and get out what I need to get out. You know there’s rumors that I got another album coming in June, I’m not gonna put that pressure on myself. I probably come up with another tour in June though. But that’s where I’m at in my life right now and I just wanted to release this music and I forced L.A. to give me this release date. I was like don’t fucking wait months and months to try to set it up. Just give people the music because I’m confident making music. We almost finished with Jay album. We was almost finished before I even dropped my album. So Jay album is coming in February. It’s a new Wayne special packaging coming , for this Christmas. We got a new record on there together, so we still gotta bunch of shit comin. But yeah, I just said all that to say thank you and shit and that’s about it.

Best of Both Offices: Aight, wth that being said everybody that’s istening on this call we are gonna release Kanye West’s new record, “Amazin’,” and just one last thing before you get of the phone. You’re moving your album date to the 24th, correct? You want to speak on that?

KANYE WEST: The label moved it up to get more Thanksgiving sales and they told me to get on the call and tell ya’ll I moved it because of the fucking excitement., but I don’t do that shit. Hey, the label moved it up, they tryna get more sales and shit—I’m excited about the album. I mean also, I got a single named Robocop, is completely different on the album, Paranoid is different and I did not leak those. And I didn’t leak the “Heartless” video, motherfuckas been leaking my shit. The only shit I leaked was “Heartless” and “Love Lockdown.” Those the only joints I actually put out. Yeah basically the label moved it up, they tried to get more sales and shit. If I get the sales, then cool. If I don’t. hey—I’ll have to bear the burden cuz I’ve been a cocky motherfucka and talked my shit and all that. People would love to see my not sell. But hey, it is what it is man, that’s the way life is man, but hopefully I can sell, we’ve been doing pretty good with the singles we’ve been dropping...

Best of Both Offices: With that being said, support “Love Lockdown, support “Heartless.” And we gotta brand new record coming today. It’s called Amazin’. It’s just you by yourself, Ye?

KANYE WEST: Naw, Jeezy on it. Jeezy came down to Hawaii wit us because everytime I would write a chorus or write any.type of hook, I’d be like man what would Jeezy do?
What would Jeezy say on this record, because at the end of the day I make my shit straight white t-shirt ready…

AUDIO: Kanye West Conference Call

Vote Obama! [We did]

A man who makes history not only deserves respect, but an anthem--DONE! This song has been in heavy rotation on my Myspace playlist for months now, and I still can't get enough. Now, Taz Arnold, 1/3 of producers/Hip Hop trio Sa-Ra, and one of my choice-eccentric pretty boys, brings us one of the most trippiest and psychedelic video dedications to our newest man in charge.


Featuring beat battles: Madlib (making about 10 different beats a minute!) vs. Cut Chemist, will.i.am (pre-Fergie!) vs. Thes One (People Under the Stairs) and OhNo vs. Exile. I've seen a lot of beat battle attempts but none as well done as this! DJ DUSK (RisingInPeace) presides as the Master of Cermonies. Directed by B+ & Coleman. Available lots of places & at Mochilla.com.

VH1's Soul Cities

VH1 Soul is hitting the road to visit some of the most famous metropolises around the country with its first original series “Soul Cities.” Viewers will accompany host Nelson George as he embarks on his search to experience the soul in some of America’s greatest cities. Nelson, an award-winning author, filmmaker, television producer, and African-American culture critic, will provide viewers a unique perspective of the music, culture, history, food, people, and famous spaces and places that makes each city soulful in its own way. “Soul Cities” visits the recording studios, churches, radio stations and restaurants that produced some of the most influential music and moments of soul culture. The cities featured in this original series are Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area- which includes San Francisco and Oakland.

Premiering weekly on VH1 Soul beginning Tuesday, November 11 at 9PM*, this six episode, 30-minute original series will feature exclusive and original interviews with top urban music artists as they reminisce about their journeys from their hometowns to the stage and everything in between. A search for soul is not complete without experiencing the food - soul food that is. Nelson George indulges in the culinary delights in each city and gets the chance to taste food that represents the deep culture of soul. The series will also showcase live music and conversations with artists like Babyface, Aloe Blacc, Rapheal Saadiq, Raheem DeVaughn, ?uestlove of The Roots, Labelle (featuring Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx, & Sarah Dash), Angie Stone, Irma Thomas, Lalah Hathaway, Robin Thicke, Gamble and Huff, Ron Trent, DJ Sake1, Goapele and VH1 Soul’s “You Oughta Know”artist, Jazmine Sullivan.

The premiere schedule of VH1 Soul “Soul Cities” is as follows:
• Philadelphia - Series premiere on Tuesday, November 11 at 9PM ET/PT
• Chicago - Tuesday, November 18 at 9PM ET/PT
• Bay Area - Tuesday, November 25 at 9PM ET/PT
• New Orleans - Tuesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT
• Memphis - Tuesday, December 9 at 9PM ET/PT
• Los Angeles - Tuesday, December 16 at 9PM ET/PT

Next year Nelson will be visiting Brooklyn, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit and Dallas. Possibly Harlem, Boston, Houston, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Newark and Cleveland. If you love the soul of any of these cities and would like to see them on the show please email me with your soulful recommendations on artists, landmarks, radio shows, record stores, parties, restaurants, etc. Thank you!

If you were lucky, you were one of the 200 fans who peeped Q-Tip's myspace page last week and found out about the "Renaissance" man's free show in Philly, through Myspace's release show series. The free concert went down at Philly's Trocadero last Thursday, to celebrate the release of his upcoming album, titled but what else? "The Renaissance." To my dismay, I made it home to vote last Tuesday {Need I say more? Obama Power!}, but not last Thursday to party with Tip. So, as a special treat to myself and to you, I bring you Q-Tip...Watch and enjoy!

Q-Tip Myspace Release Show: Philadelphia, PA 11/11/08

Kelsey Brookes

More of Kelsey Brookes HERE

Hack your brain!

I just want to say you're a loser if you would actually buy this. lol

What it does: Enjoy the hallucinations as you drift into deep meditation, ponder your inner world, and then come out after the 14-minute program feeling fabulous. Sound and Light Machines (SLMs) produce sound and light pulses at brain wave frequencies, which help people sleep, wake up, meditate, or experience whatever state of consciousness the machine is programmed for.

It just sounds like it would give you a complete headache instead of "deep meditation" but thats just my opinion. So who's going to be the brave one and try it? it's only $34.99!

Jadakiss-Who Run This

This is off of Eric Benet's 1997 LP "True to Myself"

Get In-Van Hunt

So recently, I've been gettin nostalgic with my ownself lol, retorting back to my teen years with music that blew my mind. Van Hunt was like a breath of fresh air for me in high school. I loved his self titled debut "Van Hunt". It was as sweeping and sensual as any Prince LP with the coolness and funk of Sly and the Family Stone and Curtis Mayfield. His second cd was also beautiful "On the Jungle Floor", "Being A Girl" is one of my faves lol.

kick back check his website out...

1) Evidence - For Whom The Bell Tolls feat. Phonte, Blu & Will.i.am
2) Kooley High - Handle My Biz feat. Skyzoo & Halo
3) Heltah Skeltah - The Art of Disrespekinazation
4) Prodigy - The Dough
5) The Away Team - Sum of Me feat. Evidence
6) De La - Long Life feat. Talib Kweli
7) The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)
8) John Legend - No Other Love feat. Estelle
9) T-Pain - Chopped and Screwed
10) The Foreign Exchange - If This Is Love feat. Yahzarah

**All interludes produced by Khrysis**

DOWNLOAD:The Midnight Snack Epsiode 5 w/ Khrysis

They're like the hood's Danity Kane, atleast thats what i'm callin em. yerrr

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James Van Der Zee

I have a photography book on James Van Der Zee which was previously owned by my father. Van Der Zee was a black photographer back in the Harlem Renaissance who had the privilage to capture the moment in that time period. So here is some of his work. enjoy!

James Van Der Zee

Black Yankees Negro League

Marcus Garvey


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