Last week, we put you on to Le Tapin's art exhibit, "I Would Spit On Your Sneakers." Well, I had the opportunity to attend the opening reception for the unconventionally, dope art installation at the YUME in Brooklyn. The exhibit is a critical deconstruction of the sneaker and features pieces with ghoulish creatures devouring sneakers and mind-boggling abstract art, presented by a collaborative of artists, as well as collections by streetwear designers,including A.L.I.E.N. All in all, I revelled in a night of some tasty wine, great art, and connected with some beautiful and talented people. Witness the culture, below.

Dope Mural at the YUME Gallery in Brooklyn.

My partners in crime that night, Alexis and Charla indulge in some culture.

Dim, one of the artists that night, gettin' busy.

The Artists collab for a photo op.

Me and A.B. of A.L.I.E.N.

Guests and to the far right, Brooklyn rap/new wave artist,Theophilus London.

Custom painted Vans by Art Force One.

Amateur Footage {Hey, I'm still working on my videography} from "I Would Spit On Your Sneakers."



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