Seal - A Change Is Gonna Come

I posted this video in tribute to Mr. Barack Obama, lastnight was the most monumental night in the history of America, Black America, Young America, the United States of America. I am thanking everyone who voted, the blood sweat and tears that was put into his campaign. I am personally thanking my mother because she worked hard on the Obama campaign. This is the change that we as a people have been desperately waiting for and to have Obama as our 44th president could not have came at a better time. He made it clear lastnight that he needs our help and change is not going to happen overnight so lets continue to fight and lets rebuild our country to the way it should be.

To some of my brothers who often feel discouraged, often blaming the "white man" for holding them down. That should no longer be an excuse, personally I never felt that to be an excuse to why you can't succeed but it is evident now that YOU indeed can make your dreams come tru just stay focused, positive and have faith in the most high. We have a black president, anything is possible and I can honestly agree with the statement that "all men are created equal" because it shows. There are still some major issues that we have to face but in the end the journey will be well worth it.



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