Customizing "CHANGE"

It's clear that President-Elect Barack Obama has done more than impact a nation, but he's infiltrated a culture--youth culture, the "Hip-Hop Generation," not to mention popular culture--need I say more? Now, with the help of Van Taylor, a Cincinnati-based artist, the former senator and our new leader of tomorrow's legendary mantras of "Change" and "Yes We Can," will now add to the evolution of one of the most popular sub-cultures there are--sneakers. Although Taylor first made headway earlier this year with his custom Nike Air Obama's, I thought I'd reintroduce the grounbreaking kicks, you know, in the spirit. And for those who are just getting a peek, admire and enjoy.



Check out more of Van's customized work on his myspace page, which includes art influenced by the genocide in Darfur and Kanye West's "Graduation" album.

Sidenote: For all my sneakerfreaks, wouldn't it be nice if Spike Lee revived his "Mars Blackmon" character and directed a commercial to accompany these historical shoes? I'm thinkin' Obama at the hoop this time around.

Air Jordan and Mars Blackmon Classic



Blair Blanco 2009 | Cash and Caviar