BO knows Hip Hop?

Everyone’s (we’ll almost, Elizabeth Hasselback) favorite presidential candidate, Barack Obama, recently spoke to Sway of MTV News on everything from the decline of the economy to Obama’s iPod playlist, which includes that of the jigga man and Kanye. Speaking of, Sway even got the dapper Democrat to open up about his thoughts on hip hop. “I’m a little older than hip hop culture,” he told Sway. “I was there at the beginning, but I was already getting older..What I’ve appreciated, watching this hip hop generation is to see how entrepreneurial they’ve been….”

Obama’s props for the genre didn’t stop, he went on to express his respect for the evolution of the culture. “What I’m starting to see is them stretching out more and thinking about social responsibility and how they can impact the culture in a positive way.”

Check out the interview for yourself



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