Malcolm X makes some interesting points in how slavery has destroyed our history. In regards to our lastnames the slave masters have given our great grandfathers and great great grandmothers their lastnames to claim us as their property. Basically
the real names of our people have been destroyed so what is our real lastname? and what is the origin of our current lastnames? To find out is to start digging in your own personal family history. I feel its important to know where you come from and how your family came to be.Ive heard a few stories about my father's side in particular. It was said to me that my great great grandmother was the mistress of Henry Ford's brother, together they had 2 or 4 kids and on his death bed he called for her but her mother told her to not go to him. Henry Ford's brother did promise my great great grandmother that all the children would get their education which they did. Of course there is no solid indication of information that is tied in connection to the Ford's because that part of their history has been destroyed. We all should know our history and know where we come from so take the time to start now. You may be suprised about what you find.


  1. Mikey McFly™ said...

    Excellent! I agree all the way. A few years ago I did a family tree and I was astounded by what I found out.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    what did you find?  

  3. Mikey McFly™ said...

    I found out that I had other ethnicities in my family, I learned about my great great grandfather being a cowboy or something cow related, locations of my family (apparently I even have a cousin named Josephus over in Australia) and other family facts. Eventually, I'll go deeper  


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