Kanye West, Storytelling

Everyone has witnessed the rollercoaster that we've come to know as Kanye West. Going from a kid raised in the "City of Win" supplying dope beats to anyone who's anyone, even after a near fatal car accident in 2002 to now, an undeniable force of success, not to mention emotion. Finally, the world will get to see Kanye open up about the gains and tragic losses that he's experienced within the past couple of years, when he performs on Vh1's series, Storytellers. Make sure to watch and expect the unexpected when Storytellers: Kanye West airs Saturday at 9 p.m. on Vh-1. But to hold you over, check out a sneak peak below, from tonight's show.

"You know I'm like supposed to talk about what some of these songs mean and some of the stuff is so personal to me and some of the things I've been through is so real. In the format I'm supossed to like, you know break down certain things and this one of the first times because I feel like I'm placed in front of the audience, and um, certain things are just hard for me to talk about and I'm sorry Vh1 for that, but it um, certain things ae too serious and I stand before you just a human being trying to, trying to improve under the microscope..."

-Kanye West, on VH1's Storytellers during "Flashing Lights" performance

For more sneak peeks from Kanye on Storytellers, check out Vh1.com



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