Heather is a down to earth NC native who has a strong love for music, family, church, and especially H.E.R. For those who may know she is the creator of her blog H.E.R which is like a diary for everyone to bask in her musical tastes and visions. Cash & Caviar took the time to kick it with Heather to get a feel of who she is and what makes H.E.R so special.

C&C: In a few words who is Heather and what does she represent?

H.E.R: Heather is a small town girl from the south, fell in love with a genre not meaning to and never left it alone after she did.

C&C: You're from NC where artists and producers like 9th Wonder, Anthony Hamilton, Little Brother birthed their music. Compared to NY, do you feel artists in NC have the same type of outlet to gain the recognition that they deserve? And have any local artists caught your attention lately?

H.E.R: Being in NC is tough, I was so happy for 9th when he grabbed production on the Black Album. We have a few motorcycle dance, fur boot, song artist around here but they haven’t built a foundation like LB and 9th, but it’s really hard if you’re from here. For one it’s the south, and to me we’re known to birth some ignorant but fun music.. so if you can creep out of that category and work long and hard enough you could reach a 9th, Anthony Hamilton, LB level. No one local, has caught my ear.

C&C: Its evident that music has played a major inspiration to your blog. H.E.R, so tell me, what else sparked the idea to create your blog?

H.E.R: If you don’t know me, I probably won’t spark a conversation about hip hop with you or even join in on if a discussion is happening. I don’t know whether it’s me being shy, worried someone might look at me like “yeah right” or that I’m just too nervous to have a polar opposite opinion than what the group is having (which is the case most of the time especially down south). So a blog really lets me act as if I’m writing in a diary or to someone who won’t bash my opinion.

C&C: Where do you see H.E.R in 5 years?

H.E.R: Living in NYC, maybe at a record label, magazine, maybe juggling a few different projects and being very happy about it, promoting and helping artist that I believe in. I’m actually in a partnership that’s in the works with something now that I’m looking forward to, not to be rich, but to be happy. Who knows. I’m ready to start this journey in ‘09 though!

C&C: Blogging can seem like a 9 to 5 depending on the time and dedication put into it, but what is a day in the life of H.E.R when the monitor is shut off.

H.E.R: Hanging with my mom or my dad, playing in the kitchen, looking at pictures, writing down any quote I cross that I want to remember forever on a receipt, napkin, cell, my hand. Calling and checking on my best friends that live thousands of miles away. Church, work, eat. I really don’t go out that often around here. People I went to school with think I’ve been gone for awhile, when I really just stay secluded. If I’m watching TV 77% of the time it’s on the Food Network channel. I talk on the phone too sometimes I’m quite boring.. no really, I’m pretty simple.

C&C: Name your top 5 underground artists.

H.E.R: Drake, Cudi, Currency, Wale, I like B.o.B., Dom Kennedy, Mickey Factz.. shout out to Melo-X, U-N-I, Theophilus London and everyone else I’m forgetting!

C&C: Who do you think we should be keeping an eye on in 2009?

H.E.R: Kid Cudi, Consequence, Drake, Wale, & Mickey Factz.

C&C: The female emcee, where do you think her place is in the rap game now?

H.E.R: Sad to say but I really don’t like to listen to a female rap. I can do Jean Grae, because to me she is poetry. The female emcee is at an okay place, to me, shout out to Amanda Diva!

C&C: What does being a female in America mean to you now that Obama is in office?

H.E.R: Same song, if I we’re to be gay, God forbid, I might feel more empowerment lol but it feels the same. I’m still proud to be an American woman (cues in Lenny Kravitz).

C&C: Who and what keeps you motivated to do what you do?

H.E.R: My mom, she really makes sure to let me know I can do anything I want to do, Deemehlow, Lindsay, Paola, the people who follow my blog, and an old love of mine. What… faith, the thought of actually living in NY after wanting to since I was 15, music, and chasing a dream that I’ve been looking to find.

C&C: Valentines day is near, any plans with a special someone?

H.E.R: I’ve hated valentines day every single year. Lol except 10th grade.. lol but that doesn’t count anymore. No plans, never do I ever have plans.. last year me and my bff spent it together, this year idk what I’ll do.

C&C: Is there a quote that you live by that you would like to share with the world?

H.E.R: A good woman knows her past, understands her present and forces toward the future. A good woman knows God. She knows that with God the world is her playground, but without God she will just be played.

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  1. Mr. ManC said...

    Good job. And WOW honestly I never knew s.h.e. felt THAT strongly against NC and the music scene here...

    I know this is kinda weird, but we submitted some mewsick to yall for checking out...unfortunately, yeah it IS outta Winston-Salem, NC but hopefully that won't discourage you from checking it out...

    (no fur boots here...feel free to snap ya fingers to it tho 8)



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