Texas malika is an innovative woman with the heart of a king, hence why some call her King Texas. Yet she's filled with much compassion and dignitity that it shows through her work and pleasant conversation.
Cash&Caviar had the opportunity to vibe with Texas Malika about her passion as a photographer, her views on being a black woman in America and her plans for valentines day, so check it out right here on C&C!

C&C: So is kidtexas your nickname? What is the story behind your name?

Texas Malika: I actually robbed 'That Kid Texas' from a friend I know in Houston, Texas. Her name on AIM was That Kid Ca*** (I don't want to give out her screen name haha), and I thought it had a cute and fun ring to it. So, I pretty much took it from there, created the website in the beginning of 08' and it blew up from there. In any case, I'm not even going by That Kid Texas anymore. I am going to be 23 this year, so I'm not really a kid anymore. It's either Texas Malika Toussaint-Baptiste or King Texas from now on.

C&C: Toussaint-Baptiste sounds fly...

C&C: How long have you been into photography?

Texas Malika: I became interested in photography in 2003 while I was attending high school in Long Island. It became my passion in 2007, and that is when I bumped into the New Pop and joined the crew later on that year. Honestly, it was only in the middle of last year when I realized that I was totally in love with photography. I don't think you instantly have to be emotionally, spiritually, and mentally involved in something that you love to do. I think it takes time. Especially, since I'm still finding myself as a person and growing up every single day. When you grow, your art expands, which deepens your love for it. It's like an everlasting relationship.

C&C: Well said....

C&C: Since you have this deep rooted passion for photography is there anyone that you would love to photograph if you had the opportunity. The person can be dead or alive.

Texas Malika: You know, I was just thinking about this last night. I would have to say Nina Simone. On her Forbidden Fruit/Nina Simone at New Port album - she has a song named "You'd be so nice to come home to". I'd love to photograph her while she plays that song. The first time I heard it, I was so high that it was almost impossible to function in a normal way. The intensity of the song was so overwhelmingly beautiful that it was hard not to go crazy, especially when she began to sing! That is real love right there. I wish people sang songs like that now a days.

C&C: I will have to check that song out....... and Nina Simone is a legend in her own right she is truly gifted!

C&C: If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be?

Texas Malika: I'd have to say David LaChapelle. He is such an unusual artist. I know he is hella popular, but there is a huge reason for that. His work is amazing and very farfetched. Unique and humorous. I'm sure it gets repetitive at times, but I want to smoke whatever he is smoking. That is what you call being creative and stepping outside of the box. Imagine producing one of his shoots? Imagine actually thinking about doing anything along those lines! It really takes balls to go out there and be creative. A lot of people try to be creative but then fear overcomes them and they end up doing the same thing they've been doing for years.

C&C: Yo David LaChapelle is the maaaaaaan! I remember he did some contest on MySpace awhile back you could win a photoshoot with him. Whoever won that was lucky!

Texas Malika: If I knew about that, I would of entered under 20 different names! haha.

C&C: lol

C&C: I’m going to start a sentence and you have to finish it.

C&C: Ready?

Texas Malika: Yes

C&C: Being a photographer gives me the power to...

Texas Malika: Speak to the world

C&C: New York Night Life is...

Texas Malika: Interesting, but not entirely for me.

C&C: I can't live without my....

Texas Malika: Music & camera

C&C: To be a King means...

Texas Malika: To pay homage to those before us.

C&C: Awesome, now lets talk about the history that we as Americans ... especially African Americans just made recently.... What did you remember most about Jan 20th?

Texas Malika: Man, that was amazing. I haven't looked but TreVz put up a four part video series of his travel to DC (New Pop). It was amazing seeing my parent's reaction. The energy in the air was extreme and fantastic. Imagine that, a president mixed with a color that is still solely hated in this country and looked down upon. It's interesting to say the least. I had a blast that day. Between the text messages from various people (including you!) and being with my friends watching the tube, it was nice being around loved ones for that moment. I also loved the fact that Bush got boo'ed.

C&C: lol Bush getting boo'ed was hilarious ,poor guy.

Texas Malika: Poor us, you mean. he was such a disgrace to this country (lol) they should of thrown his shit out of the white house window when he moved out haha!

C&C: hahaha

C&C: Its all good now because the change that we so desperately need is here.

C&C: Malika you are a strong black woman, what does being a black woman mean to you now since Obama is in office. and what do you feel we need to work on as Black Women in America.

Texas Malika: First and foremost, women need to realize how beautiful they are, how beautiful we all are. In a society where "beauty" is defined as skinny, LIGHT SKINNED, or white with blue or green eyes - it's hard not to look in the mirror and judge yourself harshly. We are all human. However, there needs to come a time when we break away from that mold and love ourselves for who we are. Women need to work together instead of going against each other and bickering. You don't know how many times I've heard men say that black women in power are always bitches, black women aren't really attractive, black women are selfish and money hungry: its rather disgusting.

Texas Malika: The fact that it is 2009 and Obama signed a legislation granting women and men equal pay for the same work is great, but sad at the same time. Something like that should have been signed plenty of years ago. Hopefully, Obama keeps his word and makes more changes not only concerning women's rights, but also homosexuals but that's a different story right there. Nothing harder than being a black GAY woman in America! Christ.

C&C: You made some valid points just now, we as women definitely do need to come together and eliminate the hate and learn to work together. We can be just as powerful. Its about Completion NOT competition.

C&C: On a lighter note…

C&C: Have you made any special plans for Valentines day yet?

Texas Malika: That day will be spent alone. Sucks.

C&C: How can people get in contact with you?

Texas Malika: People can hit me up at texas@thatkidtexas.com or twitter (http://twitter.com/KingTexas). Twitter is the new form of text messaging




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