Brown Suga is a songstress with a soulful voice that is sweet to the ears. She resides in Germany and has a true love for Hip Hop and has hopes to collab with artists like Black Milk, Little Brother and Slum Village. Her love for music is what keeps her going from day to day. In this Cash & Caviar interview Brown Suga talks about how she started singing, her inspiration as an artist and her future plans.

C&C: What are five words that describe who Brown Suga is?

Brown Suga: down to earth – fun – fresh – soulful – artistic

C&C: What part of Germany are you from, and do you get a lot of love from people in other countries, especially the US?

Brown Suga: I'm from Koblenz, a small city,it's in Rheinland-Pfalz, between Cologne and Frankfurt. Through myspace I had the chance to talk to many great artists. Been gettin a lotta love especially from the states and I really appreciate that since 95% of the music I listen to is from the states. Once in a while I get messages from people all over the country who tell me that they love my voice and like I already said every single comment or compliment is appreciated. When you get those kind of compliments it makes you realize that your voice might be really universal and that there might be chances to accomplish something somewhere else.

C&C: How long have you been singing?

Brown Suga: Since day one everything I did was sing. I had to listen to a song a couple times and I already knew all the lyrics. Back in the day I used to browse through moms cd's and sang stuff like Whitney Houston, Salt n' Pepa and Tevin Campbell. When I was 13 I started singing and recording at the studio. Somebody I knew, who became a really close friend of mine, was the owner of the studio. He built the studio with other friends. He asked me if I could sing, at first I was a little embarrased cause I never really sang in front of somebody, only friends who always said that I could sing. So I went to the studio and sang Brown Skin" from India Arie and Heard it all before" from Sunshine Anderson. I was nervous really nervous haha I still remember that, but he really liked my voice, so that's when we actually started workin together.

C&C: Do you write your own music? If so where do you find your inspiration?

Brown Suga: I wrote for myself but I never recorded any of my stuff. My people used to write for me. In the future I want to start improving my writing skills so I can finally do a project with all my own thoughts in it. So people can get to know me in another way through my music. I find inspiration in life. Life inspires me in many ways.

C&C: If you could collab with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

Brown Suga: Oh thats a tough question lol... There are like wayyy tooooo many ppl that I would love to work with. When it comes to Neo-Soul it would prolly be D'angelo, cause he always gave me a special feeling when I listened to his music, his beats, his voice.
Oh or Raphael Saadiq cause to me he is an amazing artist and I think his productions/voice and my vision of songs would match perfectly. But since I love rap I would definitly love to collab with more rap artists and that would probably be people like Black Milk, Little Brother or Slum Village. It's really hard to name somebody out of this whole list of artists that I admire.

C&C: Have you started going on tour with your music yet?

Brown Suga: No actually I haven't. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to do that. Touring with a live band would be my dream though =).

C&C: What projects are you currently working on?

Brown Suga: I'm connected to some great artists and producers who wanna work with me but since everybody, including me been pretty busy lately the projects didn't start yet. When everybodys time ain't that limited we will see how things turn out. What artists am I talkin bout?....suprise =)

C&C: What are your thoughts on the music industry right now? Especially neo soul and r&b artists

Brown Suga: Times are rough for music artists right now especially neo soul artists I think. Making money ain't that easy. I think its sad that many ppl have to get "commercial" to make money. I always listened to many underground artists and the fact is that there are many ppl you dont hear anything bout anymore even if they were signed to a major label. There are way too many ppl out there (in my opinion) who make money only cause they fit in the media not because they are highly talented. There are other ppl out there who really deserve this position cause talent should be respected and honored.

C&C: What else are you engaged in besides music?

Brown Suga: Music is my passion nd besides that I love another art. So since I'am a digital mediadesigner my other love is obvious I guess lol. Digital Art, Photography and drawing

C&C: How do you feel about the United States having their first Black President?

Brown Suga: One word: Evolution
There ain't even much to say bout this.. Changes are great hopefully things will work out good for everyone.

C&C: What special plans doe you have lined up for Valentines day?

Brown Suga: Spending time with my man, goin out, havin dinner together and just spend some quality time.

C&C: How can people contact you?

Brown Suga: Via myspace on

C&C: Any last words?

Brown Suga: Happy Valentinesday to everyone!!!!
Check my myspace and tell me what you think... don't forget new stuff is coming soon =)

Love Brown Suga


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