Last night I was highly entertained by the "intense" conversation between Noreaga and Perez Hilton on twitter. Noreaga decides to take the "beef" outside of twitter and makes a video. Also you can check out a little bit of the conversation between Perez and Nore.

Noreaga:Perez Hilton is a

Perezhilton @noreaga At least you know who I am, bitch! xoxo

Noreaga @perezhilton who you calling a bitch!!!!???

[small talk inbetween]

Noreaga @perezhilton dirty mud butt!! u must know who I am cause u on my twitter but my twitter is for str8 people that don't wear wigs!!!!

Noreaga @perezhilton But u r homo n a way that's foul. if u don't know how I am,y would u call me a douchebag & a pitbull. google my police records!

Perezhilton @noreaga Me being a homo is foul? Is it because I'm open about it but you keep your gayness on the downlow??? xoxox


  1. flii.di shabazz said...

    lmafo wasnt that ish funny yo!!! i mean on twitter??? the entertainment u can get on a celly now a days  


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