Jay-Z: Watch your back,Chris

By now, we've all heard the story that rocked the world of fans of Chris Brown and Rihanna fans--Chris assaulted girlfriend Rihanna, last weekend. It's a sad situation on both ends. Rihanna is obviously hurt and physically scarred and Chris has undoubtedly tarnished his reputation and has lost out on endorsements, i.e. The Milk campaign and Wrigley's. But it seems that Rihanna fans have her back. This morning, the Bajan star's fans staged a protest outside of WBLI, a radio station in West Babylon, New York against Chris Brown. Fans of Rihanna supposedly tore up Chris Brown posters and broke cds in support of the singer, but Rihanna's mentor is also coming to her defense. Check out Jay-Z's reaction to Chris Brown's assault on the R&B starlet.

Note: Rihanna, get better! And Ladies, never let a man determine your self worth! Men, know that your fists don't make you a man, and when you use them as weapons to beat on women, that only makes you a coward. We are so much better than this!

Jay-Z Reacts to Rihanna's Assault



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