For all of us girls who crave the sweet taste of something fresh, something new, and something real....then you want Honey! Now I must confess, although Honey magazine is an oldie but goodie, the magazine has re-launched, and ladies, now you can rekindle your love for Honey, online. And not only is the magazine keeping you up to date with the latest in music, fashion, arts and culture, lifestyle, and love and relationship, but Honey wants YOU to be apart of the revolution! So for all the innovators, the creatives, and the bloggers who always have something to say, say it online at , by joining the hivespot and creating your own profile and blog. And if you thought it couldn't get any sweeter, indulge in this. Honey has access to the Solange and Estelle tour and is offering free tickets to those who are SERIOUSLY interested in being an on-ground point person and covering backstage, on the following tour dates. (Check out past post for dates). Remember, ONLY if your'e SERIOUS! To find out more, hit up Honey Magazine's Assistant Editor, Courtney Willis at Now ladies, how could you resist? Join the hivespot.

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