Muffy: A true Gem

Take a glimpse into the utopia of a vibrant bubble pop electric candy girl named Muffy. Carrying the style of a mix between Gwen Stefani with a dash of Fergie she is quite the creation and has mustered up a buzz in her hometown of Atlanta. Check out this interview with Muffy

How'd you come up with the name Muffy?

My Mom Made it up when I was Born.. She's so slick wit it.. She Named me that Because I had really Phat Cheeks .. she says it looked like I had Muffins in my mouth.

Being from Atlanta do you feel you have a lot of competition especially with your style of music?

No I don't have much Competition as far as my genre here in Atlanta.. we have a lot of Artist.. I am Like Way Different from them all.. I don't compare myself to them because

I’m just too different.. actually I’m the only one in my genre.. I call it Yummie POp.. it's different then regular Pop Music.

Who are some of your inspirations as an artist?

All artist inspire me.. BJork and Erykah Badu are two of my Most favorites. They are like WAY KOOL..

Currently what are your goals that you are aiming to achieve as an artist?

I am manifesting that I receive a team of passionate artist(producers ,engineers, instrument players, writers, behind the scene people) to constantly be around and create with.. I believe that will be the most efficient way to get the best out of myself .. My goal is to become a house hold name.

Your single is titled "sweet" what is the message behind that song?

Well Sweet isn't my Single.. It's just a Yummie Myspace Song.. and its just like an artist who draws a picture of trees because that's what he sees.. I’m just talking bout what I have witnessed being praised as a young girl growing up in the hood.. when I was growing up the image of Trinas, Foxys and lil Kims was popularly emulated.. It's not me but it's something iI admired..Just being honest.. it's just my painting of the Gold digging /Hustler Chick Life.. it's just imagination at it's best.

Do you feel you are able to reach a more diversified audience through your music, or is that something you feel you still need to work on?

Well I have many songs recorded and written that I haven't shared with the world yet.. they are totally cross overable.. one of those might end up being my single. so don't say I’m selling out when you hear a whole different vibe coming through my music.. trust me it'll be the same me.. Sweet is surprisingly making a noise for me.. I love it.. Mostly I just make music to express my inner fantasies.. like being the BADDEST B... LOL.. It's just fun, it's Music .. that's what I’m bringing back to the game .. and yes I am Like totally Crossed out.. Like way Cross Overable. (giggles) I'll be that type of artist to get worst dressed at the Grammies because.. I’m taking it back to when artist really wanted to express them self.. even in dress.. and weren’t scared to put them selves out there.. FUN in THE Sun.. so watch out for my red carpet stunts.

Give me a rundown on a Muffy performance, what can people expect when they go to see you perform?

Well I jump on stage with what I call the Yummie Pops.. My Homies , DOPE FLY and FRESH ta def Boss Ladies.. they Help get the crowd Crunk.. then comes me.. with some surprising costume fit for Falling out on stage and Kicking my legs in the air as I catch the Musical holy ghost.. It's Spiritual in a fun way.. I love to interact with the audience members and really connect to keep every ones attention.. even if people cant get in at first it's ok for me.. because I know once I hit the stage.. no one can tare their eyes away from me. total EYE Candy.. and not just cuz of my Sexy.. YAh Dig.

Obama or Hilary?

Well a Black Person in office is dope and a Woman in Office is FLY.. Can't they just both win.. Well I hope no one gets Shot.. Ima just keep my vote to myself.. But I can tell you one thing.. I will vote

Any words of inspiration for your fans?

YES....... If Any BODY Tells You NO.. YOU tell them YESSSSSSS.. You and you alone have the power to manifest your dreams... Thought is Power.. And Never Forget MUFFY LOVES YU

Muffy's MySpace

Photography By:Hannibal Matthews


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