This mixtape caught my eye from the title alone… why? Because I wear glasses too but guess what the meaning behind the mixtape is not just about that. Shawn gives an explanation behind the meaning:
“The whole point of it is to basically show like a common ground between me the person who makes the music and you the listener. Umm I think its to many musicians to many artists who try to stunt on the listener like try to act like they’re better than them like they walk around with their nose in the air and pretend that they’re perfect….so the whole purpose of I.W.G is to show that no one is better than anyone, we’re all the same we’re all on common ground…” Shawn actually gives this full explanation on his mixtape but you would have to listen to find out!

To better describe his musical style, Shawn Chrystopher is like the Inglewood’s WALE with a westcoast twist. His punch lines aren’t too far fetched and his lyrics hold some solid ground. Of course as an upcoming artist there is plenty room for grooming so I’m sure he will continue to polish his flow. Until then keep up the good work Shawn Chrystopher!

DOWNLOAD:LRG x Shawn Chrystopher “I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses”





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