Quest tells an intimate story of J Dilla making an impeccable beat.. yet it was only practice for him which had Quest in awe about the whole ordeal. So read the excerpt from his story and check out the rest here!

(....and i knew i wouldn’t be the same when dangleo and tip played me the ENTIRE fantastic cassette over the phone LONG DISTANCE to germany (my bill was $382 bucks and WORTH EVERY FUCKING CENT)

and i knew i was in for a treat the many times i came to the crib.

and i knew i was witnessing history when him and pete rock re created half of “mecca and the soul brother” in the basement the weekend “dynamite” was created.

but man…..

what i learned eavesdropping 8am the following day made me a believer. that shit made me the stan of ALL stans.

if you are on my computer and need to find dilla. go to genre, and if he had something to do with it? it will be known for its tag: DILLA is GOD.

i won’t go into reasons why….for it could be longer than this post. and at this rate its just baiting those who disagree or who refuse to see it or who just wanna be contradictory (aka okayplayers lol)...



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