What about Charles Hamilton?

I was introduced to Charles Hamilton this summer when I had the opportunity to do a mixtape review for "Outside Looking" for AllHipHop.com. Getting a first glimpse into Hamilton's world I automatically thought that he was on another level. From his samples which are 90s based music and his lyrics I couldn't even place him in any type of category if I wanted to. Yet I was still trying to understand where this dude was coming from and what he was about. With the recent "beef" he supposedly had with Soulja Boy it kinda made me disappointed simply because I felt Hamilton shouldn't of acknowledged him at all. These are two artists who are on two different sides of the spectrum with different goals in mind yet they were able to cross paths in the worst way. This internet beef stuff is already getting ran into the ground and that "beef" in particular should have been put to a hault instantly. Hamilton put everything into perspective and made the right decision to end it and that was a good move on his part. Anyway I feel Charles Hamilton is a creative artist with a lot of potential and with him being signed to Interscope there is no telling what direction they want to send him in. I just hope they have a decent enough game plan if he expects to have any sort of longevity in this game we called the music industry.


  1. Noah said...

    Yeah dude a be all right when he Leave that pink clothes alone...lol  

  2. jaredmichaelowe said...

    i like brooklyn girl  


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