Chaos errupted outside of the CW studios where Tyra Bank's 'Americas Next Top Model' auditions took place. A over heated BMW and some loser who yelled "there's a bomb!" caused the aspiring model divas to flee. The video shows people trampling over each other and a fight between two females from which police officers struggle to break up. It has been said that the aspiring models stood in line for long hours and were told that if they left their spot in line they would have to start over. This lead to some peeing in cups and a lot of frustration. After all the drama that unfolded the auditions were shut down.


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    I was there and I could not believe the chaos and the lack of order and care from the top model organization.

    I stood outside in the freezing cold from 8:00am until 7:30 almost 8pm. I waited in a line that circled the entire block. It was the longest block I have and will ever walk. From the beginning there was no order, just thousands of other women with the same application that said to meet at an address that was not where it was said to be.

    I hadn't slept in 24hours preparing for the audition I hadn't eaten a thing Thirsty, extremely in need of a bathroom and my energy running on the hopes that I could be "America's next top model."

    Finally I am 3/4 of the way there and I can see the door but the line is only moving 3 inches every 45mins. I am in a place of anger yet knowing the other girls around me were suffering the same cold weather, the same dreams, and the same physical pain and endurance, I was given some comfort.

    We even became Friends and worked as a unit to keep each other warm. I was thinking when did this become an episode of Survivor?
    Now to the Chaos The line went from one wide side walk to a very wide city street in width around 12pm There was a car that had hit a barricade and was over heating there was smoke filling the air and then next thing we hear is " it's going to explosed, it's on Fire! I am closest to the wall and was smashed into it. All of us on top of one another.

    There was no way to get out or move so I tried to slip down so if it blew I would have a better change of not getting my hair mess up or my head blown off. Then the cops tried to calm us down saying its not going to blow, easier said then done especially with some random strangers hands on your behind and you can't tell who's legs are who's.

    as we are still crushed by the pressure from the thousand of girls in front and behind us, even more chaos broke out when a man runs into the crowd where he pulls out some young girl and starts to beat her, as the cops come to get him he charges back into the crowd saying he has a gun and we heard something that sound like gunshot but that could not be confirmed. that is where it got even worst everyone running in to each other trying to get away from danger.

    I was now not being smashed against the wall but between people. It was like playing a game of life and death twister. I had moved a lot not even using my legs, my feet were no longer on the ground. I was being propel forward by force. my ribs and lungs were being crushed and I started to lose consciousness and could not breath. There was a girl on top of me who started to have a seizure and or was hyperventilating I had to pull myself together so I could help her.

    When they say you want to be on top I had no idea this is what they meant. after we had finally broke free the police said it is over go home. I became furious. How could they do this to us!

    *First we come out here with them not giving us any order or communication about whats going on

    *Second we stand in the freezing cold on a Saturday for hours and for some days.

    *Third those that were there waiting for these hours and days were cut in line from people that showed up late and formed their own line, not to mention they got in.

    *fourth and most importantly our lives were in dangered and our dreams shattered.

    Fifth we were treated like animals no food, no water, no bathroom, no order and no one to care.

    After everything was said and done we could not even get an apology, a thank you for coming out, an explanation, a sorry you came wasted your time and almost died as well as your dreams being scattered on the streets of NYC along with your belongings.

    It was another slap in the face. I Lauren Amaris was checked out by ambulance but chose not to go to hospital, due to I can not afford it. I am at home recovering with bruises, swelling, I am still walking with a limp due to the trauma my legs experience, I am having back pains and possible whiplash.

    I will be ok, but what's not ok is the lack of care that was shown for the people that came out to be apart of this great opportunity. I love Tyra Banks and what she stands for and the traumatizing experience that occurred this past Saturday March 14th 2009, I pray her and her team Right this wrong.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Wow Lauren thank you so much for sharing your story. From watching the video alone it looks like so much occured in a little span of time but I am glad you were able to share this with others, its much appreciated!

    -Be Well  


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