A Night with J*Davey, baby!

Over the weekend, me, B. Blanco and the girls took in a show at Webster Hall--non-other than J*Davey, baby, courtesy of "Lick." The crowd was mixed full of downtown's regulars, punk kids, and 40-year-old white men with a thing for "soul music." Fall out Boy's Pete Wentz was there, in his tophat and as well as the fruit of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz's back in the day love --daughter, Zoe Kravitz (She and Jack Davey arrived together), who has a mean style, but of course. Though the party didn't really get live til about 3 a.m., (yes that's right 3 a.m.,, doors opened at 11pm, lol), the opening act was Amanda Diva, and although I appreciate Diva as a TV personality, and dig Diva Speak TV, when I happen to catch it, her songs had me a bit lost in translation. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate her effort as a burgeoning, non-conforming artist, but her music is a little all over the place. From rhyming about neon colors to broken relationships--to put it short, it lacked focus. But I dig Diva, so hopefully over time, her sound will become a bit more defined.

But before she took the stage, DJ Jasmine Solano oh-so-wonderfully blessed the turntables with her smooth transitions and retro mix. She had the crowd groovin' to everything from Prince to Dilla. Ummm, Who says female DJs don't get down? Last, but not least, the long and lean, mohawked songtress, Jack Davey took the stage along with her partner behind the keys and production, Brook d'lieu. The chemistry that these two share on stage is amazing--Jack with her frail frame gliding about the stage, damn there making love to the floor, and Brook with his laidback approach to just about everything-whether it's on the keyboard or the mic. The laxidaisical-electro-funk sound that they produce is truly like no other, AND I LOVE IT! So did the crowd, they joined in the performance by jumping onto the stage during J*Davey's set and Zoe even got into it, hanging on Jack's leg while she was crooning. But, before I wrap this re-cap up, there was another moment in the show, that just had me captivated. It was when the "LICK" girls graced the stage with their sensual choreography.

I'm telling you, the things these girls did with lace would amaze you, and in case you didn't know, I love lace. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But what I enjoyed even more, was the track that accompanied the girls' sultry performance-- DJ Keys N Crates remix to Aaliyah's "One In A Million." It was my first time ever hearing the remix and being introduced to this dope production team. All in all, despite the late arrival home due to the inconvenience of NYC cabs ( Note: For some reason, every cabbie is scared of Bedstuy, and we didn't get home until 5:30 a.m.!), that night and oh yeah, meeting Jack is right up there on my list of Classic NYC memories.

For your enjoyment: Keys N Crates-"One in A Million (remix)" (Live performance at Toronto's Down One Lounge)



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