I must say, Vanity Fair has really been stepping their game up with the versatility in their photoshoots. First, last month's issue featured up and coming comedy greats as icons--Seth Rogen as Freida Kahlo, and now Jennifer Lopez as Anita in West Side Story. I loved West Side Story when I was younger, and always will. What can I say? Once a hopeless romantic, always a hopeless romantic. It was the dancing. It was the clashing of cultures, and of course, there was the style---LOVED! With the return of West Side Story to Broadway, photographer Mark Seliger captures the spirit of this classic love story in a photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

Jennifer Lopez channels the role of feisty, and I might I add, stylish "Anita."

Actors Brandon T. Jackson in brown slacks (Roll Bounce, Tropic Thunder), Jay Hernandez in tan pants in middle (Crazy Beautiful, Ladder 49) and Chris Evans in yellow shirt (Fantastic Four). The actors, along with others recreate the infamous West Side Story gang, "The Jets."

Actress Camilla Belle (Push) plays love-lost "Maria."

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