A Short Form Documentary from Wildseed Films
Directed by Stacey Muhammad
Asst. Directed by Shomari Mason
Edited by: Stacey Muhammad & R.H. Bless
Principal Photography: May 17, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Running Time 10:30

“I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak” is a short form documentary from Wildseed Films that highlights the voices of young black boys between the ages of 11 and 13 years old growing up in New York City.

They speak openly and honestly about their reaction to the Sean Bell tragedy as well as their fears and hopes as they approach manhood in a city where the lives of young black men are often cut short, too often, and too soon.

Please share this documentary with your brothers and sisters because its something we all should watch and learn from. Our youth sees everything and this Sean Bell incident as well as others has put fear into their hearts as black men. We HAVE to make this change.


  1. La Star Noir said...

    This is was a great short! It's just what we as a people need to see. Just seeing how much wisdom those young boys had was amazing! I just hope that they continue to walk like KINGS*  


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