C&C:Sample Thursdays[Khrysis]

Khrysis who is a part of NC's own The Justus League talks about how Little Brother's track titled "The Getaway" came about, why he feels the over use of 808's are played out and that he'll sample anything and that means even the shirt off your back! Check out this Cash&Caviar interview with Khrysis(The Animal).

C&C: How long have you been producing?

Khrysis: I’ve been taking it seriously since I was like 19 so its been a good… its been a good 8 years now…. my first placement was Master Ace the name of the song was “The Grind” it was from the Long Hot Summer album I want to say that came out in 04’so yea its been a good 5 or 6 years then The Away Team album came out so yea its been awhile.

C&C: Do you think you’ll be a producer all your life??

Khrysis: Probably not I will probably move on to something else afterwards but as of right now like that’s my main concentration right now its producing records and putting records out. Of course I plan on creating my own situations as far as labels and stuff like that but that’s later on in the future but as of right now I’m concentrating on getting placements and getting my project done.

C&C: So when it comes to like producing and making beats what do you like best about sampling?

Khrysis: What do I like best about sampling? basically just having something that’s old and making it new ya know taking a old refreshing familiar sound and updating it to where a younger audience can rock to it and just being creative with that.

C&C: When it comes to making your beats and without giving to much away, what is the method to your madness?

Khrysis: Have fun, that’s basically what it is, if you not having fun making music you don’t really need to be doing it whether your sampling or playing keys and its not fun for you and if your not getting some kind of enjoyment or fulfillment out of it then yes its going to be forced and the people can tell if something is forced they may not be able to say oh it sounds forced but they know something’s not right so its not going to be enjoyable so therefore you got to have fun and keep it creative as possible.

C&C: You produced a few songs off of Little Brother’s Get Back Album ?

Khrysis: I just did one, “After the Party”

C&C: So you didn’t do “The Get Away”?

Khrysis: Oh yea that was for Get Back but it didn’t make the cut. It made the mixtape that they put out shorty afterwards.

C&C: Would you explain how that song came about?

Khrysis: I was on tour when I made that beat. I made the beat on tour, we was on tour with Dilated and they had a day off actually in Durham and Little Brother had a show in DC so what I did I was just like Yo let me hop on the Dilated bus they gonna be in Durham so we can get some music done and I made that beat , I made like 5 beats that night on the way here. I stayed in the back of the Dilated bus and just cranked out like 5 beats. One of the beats was “Sum of Me” which ended up on the last Away Team album and Evidence hopped on that and I played the rest that was left for Phonte and he was like yea let me get that. It was intended to be the intro but they ended up using umm [Khyrsis starts humming a tune] they ended up using that one instead I don’t remember the name of the song off the top of my head right now it just completely slipped my mind.. Yea [laughing] shoutout to illmind though that was a ill joint. It’ll come to me like some random point of the interview then ima just blurt it out [laughing].

C&C: Are there any artists that you won’t sample for any particular reason, that you just won’t touch?

Khrysis: Yea… well… no…no. there used to be a point where like oh you can’t sample this person because they’ll sue or you can’t sample this person because they’ll sue. after awhile it just started getting to the point where I was just like, why the hell not? Ima have fun with this sh*t. If I know I can make a dope ass beat out of a record why am I going to limit myself. I say f*ck it, I’ll sample the shirt off your back if it sounds good [laughing]

C&C: Is there anything that you feel is being overused or oversaturated when it comes to sampling?

Khrysis: Nah…. not right now no. The high pitched voices was getting kinda played out but then everybody kind of shy away from it and moved on to different sh*t samplig different sounds and stuff like that. Now drums okay I have a problem when it comes to peoples drums I have a problem. I think the over use of 808’s is getting kinda played out with me but other than that… and what makes it funny is I actually have a song with Evidence right now where I used an 808 kick but I used it MY way and I guess the problem isn’t the fact that people are using 808s…. their using them all the same way. It’s the same technique on every f*ckin record, every time I turn on the radio that’s just getting played out with me I don’t have a problem with 808s its just the way people use them and they all sound the same.

C&C: Whats a rule that you live by when it comes to music?

Khrysis: Keep it fun and keep it funky, it comes from the heart. Its real simple its natural it should be natural. You can’t force a feeling, you can’t force the way people are going to feel when they hear something either their going to feel it or their not. If they don’t feel it then you might have to go back to the drawing board and give them something that they can feel . Music should evoke feelings and emotions and things of that nature so that’s the number one rule when you tap into and emotion that people can feel and wouldn’t mind enjoying that feeling. Even if your doing a sad song there should be that light of hope and inspiration that makes people want to move and get up off their feet. Whatever it is if you hear a beat so good it makes you want to fart [laughing] its just that serious though. It should evoke a feeling and emotion and you should be able to attach an event to what you heard. Everybody has a song like yo I was here when I heard this song or I was there when I heard that song. Especially when your able to tap into that then yea that’s what it is.

C&C: Are you working on any projects right now?

Khrysis: Yea I just finished Legacy’s album he’s with HOJ [Hall Of Justus], working with Pooh..he’s about to drop a couple of projects. He’s working on “Delightful Bars” right now. I’m working on a lot of HOJ projects right now. Sean Price.. He’s back in the studio, Evidence is back in the studio. HOJ projects, Evidence, Sean Price and then my album.

C&C: How can people get in contact with you?

Khrysis: You can hit me up at myspace/khrysisbeats. Im on twitter…

C&C: Everybody’s on twitter!

Khrysis: Everybodys on twitter now…I love Twitter, Twitters the jump off, that sh*t is fun… Twitter on Superbowl Sunday was crazy! Its great for events and its wonderful marketing and network tool. Twitter.com/khrysis hit me up for beats khrysis.beatz@gmail.com

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