Theophilus London is everywhere. He's on youtube, he's on your favorite blog* and he's definitely in the club (or loft) tearin' it up. This is why I dig him, not only is his music putting a refreshing spin on House and Club, but his live shows are crazy. Check out his new offering: This Charming Mixtape.

Download: This Charming Mixtape

1. Grey x Sage (Sabali Remix)
2. Computer Love
3. The Drug
4. Always Love
5. Late Night Operation (Mike Dextro & Proper Villians Remix)
6. Hum Drum
7. Crazy Cousins
8. Fatality
9. Ain't No Sunshine
10. Aquamilita
11. Take Your Life
12. Cold Pillow
13. Take My Eyes Off Of You
14. Ultraviolent
15. This Charming (Skit)
16. Your The One
17. Day One Fans
18. Happy Day (Live) Note: I've witnessed this live, it's truly something*



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